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DogEars is a Plug-in for use with Adobe Acrobat for marking pages within a document so that a reader can quickly flip back to them... (more detail)


Automatically convert PDF to RTF, without zoning. Drake, a Plug-in for Acrobat, is an application that automatically converts PDFs into RTF documents using the Microsoft... (more detail)

Drake Watcher

The batch-process version of Drake employs directory and folder protocols to streamline the process of converting multiple files. Rather than opening a single production file... (more detail)


The Flattener Acrobat Plus-in enables the user to dramatically reduce the size of certain PDFs by flattening active parts within the document, such as navigation... (more detail)

FlightCheck Designer

FlightCheck Designer (formerly FlightCheck Collect) is a stand-alone application that assists designers as well as service providers in preflighting all major desktop-publishing files.
In addition... (more detail)

FlightCheck Professional

FlightCheck is the revolutionary stand-alone application that scans documents using a simple drag-and-drop approach to warn of over 150 potential problems, easily and automatically.
FlightCheck... (more detail)


With Freebird, accurately convert PDF archives into TIFF, JPG, and BMP. Freebird supports output resolutions up to 600 DPI, giving very high-clarity output.
Freebird has... (more detail)

Freebird Watcher

The batch version of Freebird, Freebird Watcher, utilizes directory and folder protocols to streamline the process of converting multiple files. Rather than opening a single... (more detail)


Gemini quickly converts any size PDF into other formats enabling the user to reuse the content in other ways. Whether to post a user manual... (more detail)


ImagePlacer is a very powerful Acrobat Plug-in that enables the user to stamp a graphical image onto specified pages within a PDF. The graphic can... (more detail)

Imposer Pro for Acrobat

Impose PDF pages from within an Acrobat document into two-up, four-up, or eight-up flats all from a simple-to-use visual interface. Imposer Pro provides full control... (more detail)

Imposing Plus, Box of Tricks & Revealing Bundle

For detailed bundled-product descriptions, refer to each individual product.
Bundle includes Quite Imposing Plus, Quite a Box of Tricks, and Quite Revealing.
Manufacturer: Quite Software... (more detail)


Impress is a Plug-in for use with Adobe Acrobat that will mark the pages of a PDF with various kinds of impressions, such as watermarks... (more detail)

Impress Pro

Impress Pro is a Plug-in for use with Adobe Acrobat that will mark the pages of a PDF with various kinds of impressions, such as... (more detail)


Use the InfoSetter Acrobat Plug-in to set document information pertaining to PDFs. Many word processing packages used to generate PDFs do not automatically provide this... (more detail)

Instant PDF

Enfocus Instant PDF 3 removes the uncertainty and technical complexity from the PDF-creation process. No other application so intuitively and reliably creates Certified PDFs that... (more detail)


Jade extracts text, tabular data, and graphics from PDFs and enables the user to open the extracted content in Microsoft Word, Excel, database applications, XML... (more detail)

MapSoft Plug-in Suite

Suite includes: Impress, MaskIt, BookMarker, AcroBatch, ContentScaler, DocuMerger, DogEars, Flattener, ImagePlacer, InfoSetter, Automator, OpenOptions, SecuritySetter, PDFSplitter, ThumbNails, TOCBuilder, PageManager and MediaSizer. Please see individual products... (more detail)


MaskIt masks page areas of PDFs so that anything that would normally display or print in that area will no longer appear. However additional items... (more detail)


This product changes the media page sizes in Acrobat. For example, most documents produced in the US are created on letter-sized paper and most in... (more detail)

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