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Al Rassam Al Arabi

Al Rassam Al Arabi for Windows allows the user to enter Arabic text into CorelDRAW, Illustrator, Freehand, Photoshop, Flash, and so on.
The user can... (more detail)


BPT-Pro2 makes Adobe Illustrator a highly functional 2D-CAD program, equipped with eight types and 17 different tools, all accessed through the Illustrator toolbox with a... (more detail)


CADpatterns adds 134 vector-based swatch patterns for use in Illustrator documents. All CADpatterns are easy to edit or colorize in Mac or Windows.
Swatch patterns... (more detail)


With CADtools, draw in any scale, dimension artwork with a mouse click, and numerically control size and location of objects or points. Just click+drag... (more detail)


ClassicFrames Volume 6 is the ideal tool to give the final classy touch to images. The frames provided are graphic reproductions of those found framing... (more detail)

Comnet Site License Fee

Use this line item when selling Comnet site licenses. Use the appropriate line item for the number of units sold.
Manufacturer: Comnet Co Ltd... (more detail)

Design Collections

Get a bundle and save. The Design Collection includes Squizz, Textissimo, and OttoPaths for Adobe Photoshop and Corel PHOTO-PAINT.
Manufacturer: Human Software Company Inc., The... (more detail)

Design Templates Collection for Illustrator

Not available for electronic delivery.)
StockLayouts' predesigned layouts with stock photos and artwork provide fast and affordable solutions for producing exceptional print marketing materials.
Features... (more detail)

Envelope Mesh

The Envelope Mesh Plug-in is useful for performing shape-editing operations on text or artwork using another object as a guide. A typical example is using... (more detail)


EXDXF-Pro2 provides the capability to import CAD-standard DXF files into Adobe Illustrator, and to export Illustrator (AI) files to CAD -- making data compatible in both... (more detail)


FastDraw puts the power in the tools of Illustrator, not in the auto-tracing feature. Never before seen, FastDraw makes Adobe Illustrator even easier to use... (more detail)


FILTERiT4 provides the ultimate in live features with this collection of Plug-in effects.
New to version 4:
· 3D Transform;
· create images for animation ([trace] option... (more detail)

FlightCheck Designer

FlightCheck Designer (formerly FlightCheck Collect) is a stand-alone application that assists designers as well as service providers in preflighting all major desktop-publishing files.
In addition... (more detail)

FlightCheck Professional

FlightCheck is the revolutionary stand-alone application that scans documents using a simple drag-and-drop approach to warn of over 150 potential problems, easily and automatically.
FlightCheck... (more detail)

FoldUP! 3D

The key to any design project is to ask the question: how does it look? In traditional dimensional or folded-paper projects, finding that out means... (more detail)

Instant Barcode

Instant Barcode allows creative professionals to easily create, verify, fix, and read barcodes directly within the familiar environment of Adobe Illustrator. It supports the most... (more detail)


Joins paths with ending points that fall within a configurable distance. JoinPaths closes paths and suppresses isolated points in Adobe Illustrator or Macromedia Freehand. All... (more detail)


Need to quickly digitize a faxed or scanned logo? Auto-traced images often require hours of painstaking editing to achieve the correct form. Instead of wasting... (more detail)

MAPublisher for Adobe Illustrator

When map quality matters it is important to use the software tools that will produce the best-quality maps possible in the most efficient and accurate... (more detail)

MAPublisher LT for Adobe Illustrator

MAPublisher LT for Adobe Illustrator imports raw GIS data files from Mac, PC, or UNIX systems directly into the high-end graphics environment with all attributes... (more detail)

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