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Shadow Filter

Shadow Filter provides perspective shadows with a virtual-camera, stereo three-dimensional viewing, and multiple shadowing with four movable lights. Natural soft edges and blurring, drop and... (more detail)


ShadowFixer has been developed to correct the problem of different exposure requirements within one image. A dark corridor in the foreground leading to a light... (more detail)

SiteGrinder 2

SiteGrinder 2 builds entire web sites from basic multilayer Photoshop documents. Here is a partial list of the kinds of page elements, from simple web... (more detail)

SiteGrinder 2 & PSD2FLA Bundles

SiteGrinder 2 builds entire web sites from basic multilayer Photoshop documents. Here is a partial list of the kinds of page elements, from simple web... (more detail)

Smart Sharpen

Smart Sharpen is a sophisticated sharpening Plug-in that works where sharpening is needed most, on the edges, while leaving the featureless areas intact. This ensures... (more detail)


SmartPicker is an interactive color wheel designed to help designers and artists apply color theory to create effective color schemes. SmartPicker offers a color wheel... (more detail)

Snap Art


SpiroMaker creates an infinite variation of Spirographs® (mathematical name is trochoids) inside Photoshop or Photoshop Elements. As a selection Plug-in it will come as a... (more detail)


Splat! is a powerful, new filter set for Adobe Photoshop and other graphics applications. Easy to use and versatile, Splat! combines frames, textures, edges, borders... (more detail)


Squizz is an incredible Plug-in to enable the user to directly distort any grayscale, Lab, RGB, or CMYK 16 bit images directly, on a layer... (more detail)

Stamina Collections

Stamina Collection includes: Squizz, Textissimo, and PhotoSpray. Stamina Gold Collection includes: Squizz, Textissimo, PhotoSpray, and OttoPaths
Manufacturer: Human Software Company Inc., The... (more detail)


StarMaker creates an infinite variation of stars, suns, or starbursts inside Photoshop or Photoshop Elements. No need for an illustration package to create a unique... (more detail)

Techtures Filter

Series 4 Engines explore texturing effects with the three texturing engines and two special-effect engines available in Techtures. This is technology for smart texturing. Explore... (more detail)


For additional savings, check out the bundle: Total Xaos Bundle.
Create limitless tiled textures and patterns as backgrounds, design elements, texture maps, or web-page backgrounds... (more detail)

Textissimo Upgrades

Textissimo features more than 400 ready-made effects to customize or as a starting point to generate unique and fresh text effects.

Create text effects... (more detail)

Three-D Luxe Filters

Three-dimensional visualization, three-dimensional scene creation, surface wrapping, and package design. The new Series 2 Three-D Luxe Filter is the ultimate CD extension of the original... (more detail)

Total Xaos Bundle

The bundle of three essential designer Plug-ins from the makers of Hollywood special effects: Paint Alchemy, Terrazzo, and TypeCaster.
Create limitless tiled textures and patterns... (more detail)


Designed to boost creativity, TrueBlur gives images a more realistic looking blur than has previously been possible. Due to the unique LensFIT technology, TrueBlur offers... (more detail)


For additional savings, check out the bundle: Total Xaos Bundle.
Using TypeCaster, professionals and beginners can scale, rotate, and manipulate three-dimensional type inside any application... (more detail)

VariFocus Filter

Defocus, then focus to the point. VariFocus Filter will focus/defocus features within an image with custom control.
· use preset masks or create one... (more detail)

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