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Extension Type > Photoshop Elements Plug-in
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Page Curl Pro and Puzzle Pro Bundles

A bundle of Page Curl Pro and Puzzle Pro. See individual product listings for complete feature descriptions... (more detail)

Perspective Filter

A photograph is a flat image (two dimensional) with height and width but no depth. Perspective Filter can be used to suggest or introduce the... (more detail)

Photo Suite

For detailed bundled-product descriptions, refer to each individual product.
Photo Suite 1 includes: Shadow Control, Highlight Control, Smart Sharpen, IR Film
Photo Suite 2 includes... (more detail)

Photo Suite Pro

Photo Suite Pro includes: Shadow Control, Highlight Control, Photographic Filters, Smart Sharpen, IR Film
Manufacturer: ChromaSoftware... (more detail)

PhotoFrame Elements

There are many ways to add border and edge effects manually using a variety of tools in Photoshop Elements, but none are easier than PhotoFrame... (more detail)

Photographic Filters

The Photographic Filter Suites are powerful new tools that work just like having unlimited filters. Each comes with a variety of Cokin graduated and solid... (more detail)

Pro Digital Frame Bundle

Make personal digital photos stand out with the Pro Digital Frame Bundle that contains nearly 100 custom-designed frames by some of the most respected Photoshop... (more detail)

Puzzle Pro

Puzzle Pro 2.0 is an extremely high-quality, powerful, and flexible Photoshop (and compatible) Plug-in. Puzzle Pro 2.0 greatly increases creativity and productivity and, with a... (more detail)


Red eye is caused by light reflected off the subject's retina when a flash picture is taken in low light. While some cameras offer redeye... (more detail)

ScatterLight Filters

This collection of professional digital lenses for scattering highlights, includes the following lens filters:
DreamOptics to gently pull and scatter light from highlighted areas to... (more detail)


ShadowFixer has been developed to correct the problem of different exposure requirements within one image. A dark corridor in the foreground leading to a light... (more detail)

SiteGrinder 2

SiteGrinder 2 builds entire web sites from basic multilayer Photoshop documents. Here is a partial list of the kinds of page elements, from simple web... (more detail)

SiteGrinder 2 & PSD2FLA Bundles

SiteGrinder 2 builds entire web sites from basic multilayer Photoshop documents. Here is a partial list of the kinds of page elements, from simple web... (more detail)

Smart Sharpen

Smart Sharpen is a sophisticated sharpening Plug-in that works where sharpening is needed most, on the edges, while leaving the featureless areas intact. This ensures... (more detail)


SmartPicker is an interactive color wheel designed to help designers and artists apply color theory to create effective color schemes. SmartPicker offers a color wheel... (more detail)

Snap Art


Splat! is a powerful, new filter set for Adobe Photoshop and other graphics applications. Easy to use and versatile, Splat! combines frames, textures, edges, borders... (more detail)


Designed to boost creativity, TrueBlur gives images a more realistic looking blur than has previously been possible. Due to the unique LensFIT technology, TrueBlur offers... (more detail)

White Balance

The White Balance Plug-in, is a perfect tool for accurately setting the white balance of a digital image and removing undesired color cast to produce... (more detail)

Xenofex 2

Xenofex 2 delivers 14 more phenomenal effects for web designers, graphic artists, digital photographers, and special-effects enthusiasts.
With Xenofex 2, simulate spectacular natural phenomena such... (more detail)

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