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Infix is a revolutionary new word processor that enables the user to edit PDFs. Infix is full featured and easy to use. For the first time it's now possible to edit text in any PDF using tools familiar to anyone who uses a word processor. Easily edit the text in PDFs, reflow and justify, change fonts, colors and sizes; in fact all the things expected from a WYSIWYG word processor.

The Infix PDF editor has been created to help with the most common PDF editing tasks — rewriting text and replacing images. Need to update an old user manual? Using the Infix PDF editor, make seamless text edits and update old photos with new product shots. All without having to revert to the original source document.

Even when the original document is available, reproducing a finished PDF with complete bookmarks and hyperlinks can involve a lot of work. With the Infix PDF editor, avoid all that effort and just reuse the existing PDF.

Edit whole paragraphs or text across columns and pages. Use the link text tool to link blocks of text and begin editing. The Infix PDF editor will reflow and hyphenate across the linked blocks just like a high-end desktop-publishing application.

To ensure edited PDF documents look their best, the Infix PDF editor includes a professional-quality hyphenation and justification (H&J) found in packages such as Adobe InDesign and QuarkXPress. Coupled with fine control over letter, word, and line spacing, edits will be undetectable.

The Infix PDF editor has a built-in search-and-replace facility which makes light work of modifying large PDFs. Changing a product's name throughout a company catalogue is now easy; just use the search and replace to find and edit all occurrences of the old name. Infix PDF editor will take care of reflowing the text so that the change is seamless.

If after editing the PDF bookmarks need updating, that's no problem. The Infix PDF editor provides full control over adding, deleting, and moving bookmarks. It also includes a remarkable auto bookmark feature that creates bookmarks for an entire PDF automatically. This feature alone is a massive timesaver for those who currently add bookmarks by hand.

Control left, right, and first-line indents and even edit text that flows around graphics while maintaining the original runaround shape.

The Infix PDF editor has an image-replacement function to replace any existing image with another. Choose any JPEG, PNG, or TIFF image then scale and rotate the new image to ensure it fits correctly within the space left by the old one. Any clipping path used by the old image is retained for use by the new image. Freely scale, move, and rotate any object on a page.

With Infix's $10 Pay & Save feature, edit a few PDFs using the free version of the Infix PDF editor. When corrections are complete, press the Pay & Save button for a one-off charge of $10 to remove the watermarks added during editing. Use Pay & Save again and again or buy the full version for $99. Watermarks are never added to any edited PDF with the full version.

Acrobat is not required to use the Infix PDF editor.

Manufacturer: Iceni Technology Ltd.

System and Demo Options
System RequirementsNot available at time or print.Pentium or greater, 128 MB RAM
OS RequirementsNot available at time or print.Me, 2000, XP
Download Demonot availableclick here
Download Updaternot availablenot available

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Infix [ESD]
Stand-Alone Application
001 WIN 1.2 US $99.00

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