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Magic Bullet Suite

Magic Bullet Suite


Take an original, high-quality digital video, convert it to 24 frames per second, and get a simple, creative environment in which to change the look of the footage — whether final output is DVD, TV, or film.

Magic Bullet enables the user to output either to a sequence of image files to be sent to a film recording facility, or to a digital video tape format, or both, all while preserving the creative vision for the project, maintaining a film-like look, and meeting the specifications and standards of the industry.


• Êcross-platform supports both Mac and Windows;

• makes any video source look like film;

• library of popular looks match Hollywood films;

• helps define a film's identity;

• remove DV color artifacts;

• actual 24p film output from digital video;

• broadcast safe testing and correction tools;

• suite of five Plug-ins used by the pros;

• simplified workflow for video-in-video-out processing;

• complete edit;

• export QuickTime/AVI file from NLE (60i video);

• import into After Effects;

• apply Magic Bullet filter (material converted to 24p and de-artifacted);

• apply Looks Suite filter ;

• add 3:2 pulldown (converts back to 60i video);

• reimport into NLE or encode for DVD; and

• result is film-look treated video.

SD and HD options — There are two major tiers of Magic Bullet Suites, Magic Bullet SD and Magic Bullet HD. Magic Bullet SD works on all standard-definition format video (up to 720 X 486 NTSC and 720 X 576 PAL, 16:9 or 4:3), and Magic Bullet HD works on all resolutions supported by After Effects, including standard high-definition formats (1280 X 720 and 1920 X 1080).

The Magic Bullet Suite pipeline includes five filters: Magic Bullet , which is the workhorse Plug-in that converts the video sources to 24p and helps reduce some of the artifacts present in digital video footage. Operations can be performed separately. Use Magic Bullet to de-artifact progressive-scan (or faux progressive scan) footage, or de-interlace footage without otherwise affecting it.

Look Suite is the creative centerpiece of Magic Bullet Suite v1.0. It provides a selection of preset looks for applying to footage, or design your own. The preset looks are designed to mimic a number of popular shooting styles and post-processes, but Look Suite provides the power to create unique looks for projects and save as presets to use again or share with others.

Opticals enables the user to generate beautiful film-like fades to black, burns to white, and cross-dissolves.

With LetterBox, crop output to standard film and television aspect ratios simply and effectively.

Broadcast Spec is designed for Magic Bullet projects which need to meet NTSC broadcast specifications. It has settings for DV output as well as uncompressed standard-definition output devices such as CineWAVE, Digital Voodoo, or Igniter. Since many HD projects will be broadcast over Standard Definition airwaves, Magic Bullet HD users can also make good use of Broadcast Spec.

Look Suite, Opticals, and Broadcast Spec make complex and subtle color adjustments to footage. To do this at the best possible quality, it is recommended that they be used in 16-bit After Effects projects. The 16-bit option is a powerful feature available only in the After Effects 5.0 or later (Production Bundle). Without the Production Bundle, these Plug-ins use The Orphanage's DeepColor technology allowing them to adjust images internally at greater than 16-bit quality and render them back to 8-bit projects without any banding effects.

Manufacturer: Red Giant Software, LLC

System and Demo Options
System RequirementsPowerPC G4 or greaterPentium 3, 600 MHz or greater
OS RequirementsOS X 10.3 or later2000, XP
Download Democlick hereclick here
Download Updaternot availablenot available

Product Options
ProductPack QtyPlatformVersionPriceBuy
Magic Bullet Suite [USB]
After Effects 6.X
001 HYB 2.1 US $799.00
Magic Bullet Suite Upgrade from v1.X
After Effects 6.X
001 HYB 2.0 US $129.00

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