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DynaStrip is a flexible, native, PDF-imposition solution that, combined with any PDF-RIP that can perform in-RIP trapping and separation, DynaStrip can become cost-effective and highly flexible PDF workflow. DynaStrip imports native PDF files made from any application and will output native PDF files without an intermediate conversion into PostScript.

DynaStrip allows users to seamlessly operate in OS X, OS 9 and Classic modes. This compatibility lets users take advantage of OS X's multitasking capabilities, with superior stability and management of application memory.

DynaStrip's is more user-friendly than ever before. It boasts a simple yet sophisticated look and feel — unlike any other imposition software. Its wide range of easy-to-use tools will greatly reduce your learning curve and get you up-to-speed in no time. Still pressed for time? DynaStrip's wizard-like interface can automatically create templates in as little as three minutes.

DynaStrip now features new JDF support, further facilitating DynaStrip's integration with workflow systems adhering to the JDF standard. Direct-layout PDF Imposed PDFs can be directly displayed in DynaStrip's design window. True imposed source files — not thumbnails — are shown, allowing users to zoom page content at maximum resolution.

A high-end imposition solution is essential to successfully performing in today's competitive marketplace. DynaStrip is your key to handling more jobs, improving service levels, increasing client capacity and ultimately generating more revenues. DynaStrip is the most complete imposition solution available — from the very simple to the highly complex-makes it a must-have in any prepress environment.


• integration with major workflows;

• ganging of jobs, combine posters and fliers or two signatures with totally different bindings — limitless page sizes or number of pages on the sheet;

• accepts incoming files, such as PDF, PostScript, EPS, or DCS, from more than 100 applications;

• outputs to any printer, digital-imaging device, imagesetter, or platesetter;

• up to ten different, simultaneous setups can be created to combine any plate with any output device;

• anamorphic scaling on each color for web-growth compensation and plate rotations ensures maximum quality at the output;

• raster mode (TIFF Preview) for pre-RIPing workflow solutions that generate low-resolution files for individual RIPed pages;

• impose trapped PDFs, regardless of whether the trapping information is embedded in

the pages or on annotation layers;

• only PDF-imposition solution that makes full use of Adobe Extreme PDF Trapper technology;

• powerful object-oriented architecture provides full control over any object on the sheet;

• add bleed, modify gutters, place text tags, move color bars, position cutting marks, or

insert objects in an adjustable bounding box;

• template creation is kept to a minimum and basic templates can be used and modified on the fly with no need to create, save, and load templates for each custom job;

• accepts Preps and Presswise templates, generating a new sheet layout with all objects according to original specifications;

• user-friendly Interface;

• maximizes compatibility with emerging technologies;

• classic version available in two output formats, Compact Size (maximum size 30" x 30" or 760 mm x 760 mm) and Full Size (unlimited format);

• application and accompanying documentation, such as tutorials, HTML Help, and User's Guide, are available in English, French, Spanish, and German;

• seamlessly operates in OS X, OS 9 and Classic modes;

• offers a wide variety of Windows versions;

• direct-layout PDF previews;

• displays imposed PDFs directly in the design window;

• built-in linear marks that can be screened, dotted, or dashed;

• use linear marks as white to block part of a page;

• import Scenic Soft Preps or PressWise templates on the fly;

• up to 80 different bindings can be used in a single job;

• provides remapping directly in the color table;

• retrieval of pages using a specific color can be performed in the color table;

• create plate specifications and position the press sheet with x and y coordinates;

• visualize a plate in the layout and combine plates with output devices layout for increased output capabilities;

• all objects can be precisely positioned and rotated;

• all pages can be modified and edited;

• all objects are independent;

• paginate from a text file;

• provide page offsets for each color using a text file (used for nonlinear web growth, two-way creep, fanning, bottling, or any other compensation);

• supports multiple output Formats (i.e., PDF, EPS, PS);

• supports JDF for integration with workflows using JDF standard;

• supports PageFlow, RAMpage Prinergy, ICF/Brisque, and other PostScript separation workflows;

• normal or layout output mode;

• print page numbers, outline page trims, or skip flats without pages;

• outstanding flexibility enables the user to output profiles based on devices and plates;

• multilevel adjustments for platesetters and punches;

• adjustments on back only;

• correction angles to prevent ghosting;

• output-file-name customization using text and variables;

• supports PostScript, composite or pre-separated;

• supports over 120 applications from any platform;

• continuously updated filters;

• supports Portable Document Format (PDF), composite or pre-separated;

• imports native PDF as source files and direct creation of imposed PDF flats without using Acrobat Distiller;

• imposed PDF can be editable or not;

• launches Acrobat for page or flat preview; and

• plate-setups feature enables user to view and position both the press sheet in the plate and the plate in the output device's imaging area.

DynaStrip easily integrates into current workflows, including: ArtPro by Artwork Systems (PCC), Brisque by Creo, Celebrant by Fujifilm, Crescendo by ArtQues, Nexus by Artwork Systems, PageFlow by Artwork Systems (PCC), PrePage-it by Polkadots, Prinergy by Creo, RAMpage by Rampage Systems, Xenith by Xitron, and SWiNG & TWiST by DALiM.

DynaStrip AUTOMATION and DynaStrip FUSION are two highly specialized variations of the classic DynaStrip.

DynaStrip AUTOMATION can be used as a hot folder workflow — an efficient application for page pairing in a newspaper environment. Automatically indexes files entering the hot folder, inserts the pages and, as soon as a plate is filled with pages, sends it to the output device. No more waiting for missing files before outputting flats!


• waits for the document files to enter the hot folder(s);

• parses the files to find the number of pages and colors;

• fills in the imposition index and assigns pages to the layout; and

• sends flats as soon as they are filled for output.

DynaStrip FUSION can build up to 200 versions of the same document, using the same template without layering. DynaStrip FUSION creates versions with their own document lists to either replace or merge pages or colors. Zoning advertisements, direct marketing publications, and multilingual documents are just some of the examples for which DynaStrip FUSION can increase the speed at which document versions can be created.


• up to 200 versions and document lists for the same job;

• replacement of pages or colors;

• color-merging capability; and

• output of entire version or only replacement flats.

Manufacturer: Dynagram

System and Demo Options
System RequirementsPowerPC G3 or greaterPentium 200 MHz or greater
OS Requirements9.1X, OS X 10.2+95, 98, 2000, Me, NT
Download Democlick hereclick here
Download Updaternot availablenot available

Product Options
ProductPack QtyPlatformVersionPriceBuy
DynaStrip 30-day Discovery Pack with 1 Hour Webex

001 MAC 4.5 US $295.00
DynaStrip 30-day Discovery Pack with 1 Hour Webex

001 WIN 4.5 US $295.00
DynaStrip Compact [USB]
Stand-Alone Application
001 MAC 4.5 US $2,900.00
DynaStrip Compact [USB]
Stand-Alone Application
001 WIN 4.5 US $2,900.00
DynaStrip Full [USB]
Stand-Alone Application
001 MAC 4.5 US $4,500.00
DynaStrip Full [USB]
Stand-Alone Application
001 WIN 4.5 US $4,500.00
DynaStrip Automation [USB]
Stand-Alone Application
001 MAC 4.5 US $6,450.00
DynaStrip Automation [USB]
Stand-Alone Application
001 WIN 4.5 US $6,450.00
DynaStrip Fusion [USB]
Stand-Alone Application
001 MAC 4.5 US $8,500.00
DynaStrip Fusion [USB]
Stand-Alone Application
001 WIN 4.5 US $8,500.00
DynaStrip Compact Upgrade from v3.5 or Lower [USB]

001 HYB 4.5 US $580.00
DynaStrip Compact Upgrade from v4.0 or Higher [USB]

001 HYB 4.5 US $435.00
DynaStrip Full Upgrade from v4.0 or Higher [USB]

001 HYB 4.5 US $700.00
DynaStrip Full Upgrade from v3.5 or Lower [USB]

001 HYB 4.5 US $900.00
DynaStrip Automation Upgrade from v4.0 or Higher [USB]

001 HYB 4.5 US $970.00
DynaStrip Automation Upgrade from v3.5 and Lower [USB]

001 HYB 4.5 US $1,290.00
DynaStrip Fusion Upgrade from v4.0 or Higher [USB]

001 HYB 4.5 US $1,275.00
DynaStrip Fusion Upgrade from v3.5 or Lower [USB]

001 HYB 4.5 US $1,700.00

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