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For additional savings, check out the bundle: FormsX & F3X Bundle.

Stop using proprietary software for your business forms production and placing file libraries at risk. Instead start using QuarkXPress, the open-architecture and world leader in graphics-production software.

FormsX for Macintosh, a QuarkXPress XTensions module, provides a set of graphics tools for creating professional business forms, all within QuarkXPress. Business-forms printers now have a software package which combines the powerful typesetting and TIFF-image handling capabilities of QuarkXPress along with a set of tools designed exclusively for high-end business forms creation.

Version 2.0 Features:

• PostScript borders on boxes enable the user to create and use intricate border patterns, at any scale, which will print at the full printer or RIP resolution;

• easily create boxes with different corners, such as two round corners on top and two square corners on bottom (FormsX will automatically redraw these boxes when scaled);

• separate measurements palette, functioning similarly to QuarkXPress' measurements palette, displays coordinates in user-selectable fractions such as 5/10-inch, and also displays (and lets the user change) the box corner types, radius, coordinates, and more;

• powerful grid-creation utility, to easily create snap-to-grid lines in fractional units (e.g., 1/10-inch steps horizontally and 1/6-inch vertically);

• major and minor grids may be specified, at different colors, displaying at user-selectable intervals and offsets (QuarkXPress' snap distance is set automatically);

• automatic pantograph fill inside a box of any FormsX box shape;

• PURUP Red System pantographs are fully supported as are user-created patterns, and new ones take only minutes to create (requires PostScript Level 2);

• multiple box creations lets those composers, who measure and mark up a job, quickly type in coordinates of any units — no mouse required;

• multiple-line creation, similar to multiple-box creation, allows for high-speed coordinate entry of lines;

• variable-screening floating palette lets the user select individual objects and assign a specific dot shape, dot angle, and line frequency (can be used to drop in a line screen in any box or other object, including text);

• text placement's floating palette allows text to be placed according to a coordinate in positions such as middle center, upper right, and more (allows a text placement to be attached relative to another box);

• gradient logo feature lets the user apply a gradient screen to any 1-bit (one-color) TIFF image in a QuarkXPress document at any angle, dot shape, dot angle, and screen frequency (requires PostScript Level 2);

• rule boxes allows the user to instantly draw rows and/or columns of rules evenly spaced or equally divided over an area;

• precise controls give exact results;

• boxes with missing sides;

• table support will let users trace an existing form with a pluck, eliminating the need for manual-form markup (Wacom and other tablet manufacturers will be supported); and

• support for Windows version of QuarkXPress.

Manufacturer: DigiComp

System and Demo Options
System RequirementsPowerPC 250 Mhz or greaterPentium 250 Mhz or better
OS Requirements8.6, 9.X, OS X95, 98, NT, 2000, XP
Download Democlick herenot available
Download Updaternot availablenot available

Product Options
ProductPack QtyPlatformVersionPriceBuy
QuarkXPress 6.X
001 MAC 6.0 US $2,495.00
QuarkXPress 6.X
001 WIN 6.0 US $2,495.00
QuarkXPress 4.1X
QuarkXPress 5.X
001 MAC 5.0 US $2,495.00
QuarkXPress 4.1X
QuarkXPress 5.X
001 WIN 5.0 US $2,495.00
FormsX Upgrade from v 5
QuarkXPress 6.X
001 MAC 6.0 US $695.00
FormsX Upgrade from v 5
QuarkXPress 6.X
001 WIN 6.0 US $695.00
FormsX Upgrade from v 5 with 1-Year Maintenance
QuarkXPress 6.X
001 WIN 6.0 US $995.00
FormsX Upgrade from v 5 with 1-Year Maintenance
QuarkXPress 6.X
001 MAC 6.0 US $995.00

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