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Mystical Lighting

Mystical Lighting


Mystical Lighting enables the user to apply photorealistic lighting and shading effects to digital images. With this software, enhance the ambiance of images and improve their beauty. Mystical Lighting includes 16 visual effects, over 400 presets for instant results, and an infinite variety of looks.

Mystical Lighting also includes powerful features such as layers, unlimited undos, visual presets, masking, and dynamic-effect controls that make exploring and applying effects very fun, and achieving studio-quality results easy.

Mystical Lighting provides light and shading in either a photorealistic manner or as a visual effect for surrealistic results.

Mystical Lighting SmartLayers combines different effects together in the same work session. Light and shading blend and interact with each other to generate incredible results.

Powerful tools such as light and shading brushes provide the ability to selectively apply light and shading with infinite degrees of control over opacity, tonal range, size, and blending.


• 16 professional lighting and shading effects;

• Adobe Photoshop-compatible Plug-in;

• stand-alone version of Mystical Lighting;

• Mac and Windows versions on the CD;

• presets for instant visual solutions;

• easy-to-follow User Manual and Guides; and

edge highlights to add highlighting to hair and along the edges of photographs;

radial light caster to generate light rays and patterns from a central point radiating outward;

ethereal to add a soft, diffused lighting effect to create ambiance;

rainbow to draw rainbow arches or paths that form into photorealistic rainbows;

fairydust to provide Beziér based brushes — paint stars, glowing fireflies, and more;

shader to cast shading across an image (subtract existing light sources for a shaded result);

flare to light flares and bursts of light in different shapes and styles for highlight;

shading brush to naturally darken parts of an image and to subtract existing light from an area;

light brush to paint on light and highlights to simulate light striking the subject;

shadowplay to simulate a light source that casts shadows using content such as foliage or branches;

lightcaster to create streaming light, sunshine, and light underwater effects;

spotlight to paint photos with light striking the subject from varying angles and directions;

mist provides soft billows of mist to be brushed into place behind and over images;

surface light to project light through objects such as window panes and have the light cast into the photo;

mottled background provides a painted-canvas background effect that can be layered then lit and shaded as a backdrop; and

wispy mist to generate a soft mist that has a gentle breeze forming wisps.

Manufacturer: Auto F/X

System and Demo Options
System RequirementsG3, G4 or greaterPentium or greater
OS Requirements9.X, OSX Native98, NT, 2000, ME, XP
Download Democlick hereclick here
Download Updaternot availablenot available

Product Options
ProductPack QtyPlatformVersionPriceBuy
Mystical Lighting [CD-ROM]
Photoshop 4.X
Photoshop 5.5
Photoshop 6.X
Photoshop 7.X
Photoshop 8.X/CS
Stand-Alone Application
001 HYB 1.0 US $179.00

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