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Plugin Commander

Plugin Commander


Using Plug-ins, tubes, and other add-ons in a graphic, video, or animation application can be a frustrating experience. As an effect collection grows the application takes longer to start up, and menus and lists become cluttered making it very difficult to find a particular effect. Plugin Commander takes charge and simplifies all of these processes.

Plugin Commander manages and previews Plug-ins, tubes, and add-on collections quickly and easily. Disable the Plug-ins, tubes, and materials when not in use and define how favorite effects appear in the host application.

With Plugin Commander, download and modify thousands of Filter Factory Plug-ins as- well as easily grab specific Photoshop tubes that are freely available on the web. Plugin Commander applies Photoshop-compatible Plug-ins to images, batch processes images with ease, displays the effects of Plug-ins as thumbnails, previews tubes and other Photoshop add-ons, and defines Plug-in and file types. Create custom Plug-ins, and much more.


• organize Plug-ins and other add-ons;

• enable or disable Plug-ins and add-ons;

• support for over 30 different Plug-in and file types plus the ability to define new Plug-in types;

• optional overview of Plug-ins and other add-ons located in different subfolders;

• change the category of Photoshop-compatible, Premiere, and After Effects Plug-ins to make them display in specific submenus;

• simulation of Photoshop's filter menu;

• preview Plug-ins and images;

• instant preview calculation of Photoshop-compatible Plug-ins and display of various Paint Shop Pro materials;

• view different image files (e.g., JPG, BMP, WMF, PNG, and PCX);

• different preview options (adjustable preview window, thumbnail browser, picture editor, and Filter Factory editor);

• apply Photoshop-compatible Plug-ins directly to images within Plugin Commander to create image effects;

• edit images in the picture editor;

• open and save different image formats;

acquire images from TWAIN-compatible scanners;

• apply over 15 standard filters;

• convert to various color modes (2, 16, 256, and 16 million colors, grayscale, and dither);

• print images;

• batch-process images;

• convert between different image formats;

• create thumbnail of images and Filter Factory Plug-ins;

• optionally apply over 20 special filters during the conversion process;

• optionally apply Filter Factory Plug-ins during the conversion process;

• batch resize images;

• instant JPG quality and effect preview;

• convert between different Filter Factory Plug-in formats;

• convert from Photoshop to Premiere and vice versa;

• convert from Macintosh to Windows and vice versa;

• convert old to new Filter Factory Plug-in version and vice versa;

• create Filter Factory Plug-ins with a larger preview that work in different color modes, demo Plug-ins, and editor Plug-ins;

• de-compile Filter Factory Plug-ins to source code files;

• archive Filter Factory Plug-ins;

• store Filter Factory Plug-ins inside FFL files with a compression ratio of up to 200:1;

• search function for finding particular filters within FFL files; and

• convert FFL files back to Plug-in.

Manufacturer: The Plugin Site

System and Demo Options
System RequirementsNot available at time of print.Pentium or greater
OS RequirementsNot available at time of print.95, 98, Me, NT, 2000, XP
Download Demonot availableclick here
Download Updaternot availablenot available

Product Options
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Plugin Commander [ESD]
Photoshop 3.X
001 WIN 1.60 US $49.95

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