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AutoPilot for Acrobat


AutoPilot is the open-automation approach for PDF workflows that keeps the flexibility at maximum performance by giving the user the opportunity to add new tasks step by step to the automated production chain. All workflow essentials are handled by AutoPilot for Acrobat in conjunction with compliant products; from creating PDFs, preflighting, modifying, trapping, proofing, and printing. It's left up to the user to decide what steps are needed in a workflow; it's up to AutoPilot for Acrobat to secure reliability through automation for these.

AutoPilot for Acrobat is a high-performance-automation tool. Users can configure customized queues that allow several AutoPilot-compliant Acrobat Plug-ins to be launched in sequence for file processing. AutoPilot for Acrobat is based on a sophisticated hot-folder mechanism for which both individual data and entire folder structures can be processed. Up to 128 hot folder queues can be set-up with AutoPilot for Acrobat. After launch, AutoPilot for Acrobat scans all defined IN folders and activates the corresponding action sequences.

A lot of time is usually spent launching applications, opening documents, starting the print process, carrying out other repetitive-processing steps, and then closing the file again just to pick up the next file. One single AutoPilot for Acrobat queue can trigger the MadeToPrint XTensions module to print hundreds of documents on different output devices, or output them with different settings as EPS or PostScript files. Since these activities are particularly prone to cause errors, AutoPilot for Acrobat jobs can be carried out in a more constant and reliable manner and the Plug-in handles jobs more rapidly, more cost efficiently, and safer than any user could do — 24 hours a day.

AutoPilot Compatible Plug-ins:

• preflighting PDFs: pdfInspektor2;

• converting PDFs to PDF/X: pdfInspektor2;

• optimized printing and separating of PDFs: MadeToPrint;

• optimizing and custom tailoring of PDFs: Quite A Box Of Tricks;

• converting non-prepress files to CMYK: RGBGone;

• optimized image handling in PDFs: imageAlter;

• converting PDFs to PDF/X-1a: PDF/X-1 CheckUp;

• applying sophisticated trapping to PDFs: Supertrap;

• saving PDF as EPS: pdfOutput Pro;

• saving PDFs version 1.4 as PDFs version 1.3: pdfSaveAs PDF 1.3;

• creating JPGs or thumbnails from PDFs: pdfPreviewMaker;

• encrypting and digitally signing PDFs: Acrobat 5 batch sequences;

• flattening PDFs: Acrobat 5 batch sequences; and

• removing annotations and form fields in PDFs: Acrobat 5 batch sequences; and many more (e.g., using JavaScript to load data from ODBC databases into Acrobat form fields in a PDF or using external scripts to archive, mail, or FTP PDFs.)

Manufacturer: callas software gmbh

System and Demo Options
System RequirementsDedicated PowerPC or greaterDedicated Pentium or greater
OS Requirements9.2.22000, XP
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AutoPilot [Acrobat 5 | 6 | 7] (ESD) Acrobat 5.X
Acrobat 6.X
Acrobat 6.X Pro
Acrobat 7.X
Acrobat 7.X Pro
001 WIN 2.0.065 US $1,999.00

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