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RepliDot is a revolutionary Photoshop Plug-in that converts traditional separation films into high-quality digital files for integration into today's all-digital workflows such as CTP and other similar environments.

Until now users have had limited options, such as the burden of dedicated scanners and special software at a high cost coupled with the inability of regular scanners to scan separation films without losing major highlight and shadow details and image quality.

RepliDot responds to strong market needs by using Adaptive Threshold Technology within the most popular photo-editing software. Through calibration utilities based on both scanner and film characteristics, this innovative software solution reliably transforms any grayscale image (of halftone films) into high-quality digital bitmap files.

RepliDot's simple interface allows users to create, from a calibration target supplied with the software or generated on the end user's imagesetter, correction tables that suit each scanner. This process introduces a precise level of correction to account for tint, while conserving sharp edges of text. The end result is the ability to reproduce and align CMYK films and to create a high-quality digital EPS file that can be imported by leading publishing applications.


• calibration for high-quality reproductions of halftone films;

• calibration provides optimal scanning results and improves the quality of scanned films;

• management calibration establishes different files of calibration tables, in order to store information regarding resolution, LPI, density and black percentages, resulting files are then used in the bitmap-replication process;

• uses automatic calibration to calibrate a certain imagesetters' output to an existing scanner — helps reduce calibration time;

• allows manual calibration to create a calibration file specific to the film being processed;

• manual and automatic calibration;

• two techniques provided for film-separations reproduction;

• digitization of screened films using adaptive-threshold technology;

• dot-to-dot replication of the four separations using adaptive-threshold technology to ensure highest quality copy dot scans resulting in high-quality bitmap files;

• digital de-screening of separations to generate a continuous tone shade file while preserving the sharpness of text;

• image processing technique offers unique way to convert prescreened set of film separations into an editable continuous tone (CT) image file;

• operation allows user to make last-minute retouching to the CT file with a great deal of flexibility;

• manageable dot replication for improved image quality (dot polishing); and

• automatic alignment using register marks of digital separations.

Convert screened films using advanced Adaptive Threshold Technology. RepliDot enables the user to completely convert a scanned halftone film to bitmap mode with the most sophisticated adaptive-threshold algorithm. The result is a high-contrast, black-and-white representation of separation films without artifacts.

Manageable dot replication provides improved image quality, and enables the user to clean the background of film and improve the sharpness of the scanned dots, choosing from four degrees of sharpness.

Automatic registration of digital separations provides digital film alignment resulting in five files in perfect registration, altogether known as a copy-dot file with a composite TIFF preview of the four films superimposed.

Manufacturer: Layout Limited

System and Demo Options
System RequirementsG4 500 MHz or greater, 1 GB RAMNot available at time of print
OS RequirementsOS X or laterNot available at time of print
Download Democlick herenot available
Download Updaternot availablenot available

Product Options
ProductPack QtyPlatformVersionPriceBuy
Photoshop 7.X
Photoshop 8.X/CS
001 MAC 1.6 US $1,945.00

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