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MathMagic Pro for QuarkXPress

MathMagic Pro for QuarkXPress


MathMagic Pro Edition for QuarkXPress includes the MathMagic Pro application for Mac OS X (Windows to be released), MathMagic XTensions module for QuarkXPress v5 and v6, and MathMagic fonts (both TrueType and PostScript)

MathMagic XTensions module provides a user interface (a menu and a tool button) which enables the user to create and edit equations inside the QuarkXPress document. It then communicates with the external MathMagic Pro application seamlessly.

Make any equations with MathMagic Pro application quickly, and then send it back to the QuarkXPress document. MathMagic XTensions module allows the user to place equations inside a text box as inline graphics, or as floating graphic objects in picture boxes. Once created, all equations are handled by QuarkXPress just as all other EPS objects. Edit those equations anytime by control-clicking on the equation.

MathMagic XTensions module recognizes the baseline of equations automatically so that all equations match well with the baseline of the text line. Optionally shift the baseline manually.

The superior productivity and equation quality of MathMagic satisfies even the most discriminating users. The overall productivity saves time and labor, and provides quick return on the investment. The equation quality and customizable features meet the high-end users' complicated requirements.


• intelligent WYSIWYG editor with automatic equation formatting;

• various and flexible keyboard shortcuts for power users;

• configurable item palette and clips palette for easier access and repeated use;

• styleset management for group-wide sharing of editing environment and settings;

• predefined templates and symbols in palettes that cover mathematics, physics, electronics, accounting, and other higher education;

• various formats for compatibility with other software: EPS, JPEG, PICT, TeX, PDF, and MathML (available separately);

• wide range of quality fonts for mathematical symbols in TrueType and PostScript formats;

• ability to customize template shapes, thickness, gaps, position, and size up to 2400 DPI resolution;

• EPS and PostScript printing for high-end users;

• all graphical user interface, plus fast keyboard input support for many common templates and symbols;

• multiple undo and redo, drag and drop, visual settings, and preview; and

• user interface similar to Equation Editor® and MathType® result in reduced learning curves.

New Features:

• three fields have been added to the accent setting for better control of prime location;

• left/right overhang and Italic overhang;

• fields for under/over bar templates;

• new setting items allow users to set the minimum box height for each full-sized box;

• shortcut key for align tab;

• shortcut key added for menu items;

• CMYK color value (%) of the currently selected color displayed on the floating color palette;

• help menu added;

• more than 30 new setting fields added to spacing dialog for accurate adjustment of gap, thickness, and shape;

• added more items to style and size options;

• better support for OpenType fonts in style list, and bold/italic font face switching from menu;

• nudge movement for selection and nudge floating palette;

• more types of space added;

• new negates, horizontal and vertical strut bar templates added;

• many more symbols added to symbol palettes and symbol popup palettes reordered;

• show center line and other new menu items added to View menu;

• change size unit dialog added for other size units;

• auto apply style submenu added to enable users to turn on and off automatic styling;

• subscript/superscript box added, and sub-subscript box can have separate new font style settings;

• user-configurable TeX spacing rule for each left/right part combination in spacing;

• shape pane added in Preferences dialog;

• large symbol can be changed between western shape and eastern shape;

• bold-faced template can be added by pressing option key while clicking on a template button;

• new symbols added to MathMagic symbol fonts.

• authorization engine and interface is changed from a third-party InterLok® Engine to its own;

• color is supported, color floating window and color menu are added;

• printing equations from MS Word document works well without jagged edges;

• TCP/IP error handling has been changed when launched together with MathMagic Pro Edition;

• control-clicking on both line spacing icons (wide, narrow) on main toolbar now changes the spacing gap in 1/10 unit of the regular unit;

• minimum value and maximum value range is checked;

• can read its preference file even if it is opened by other version or locked;

styleset is supported on Mac OS Classic;

• file icon is added for EPS format and changed for PICT format;

• exporting color equation in JPG and EPS format will be limited to black-and-white image; and

• miscellaneous bugs have been addressed.

Manufacturer: InfoLogic, Inc.

System and Demo Options
System RequirementsPowerPC or greaterNot available at print time.
OS Requirements9.X, OS X (XTensions), OS X 10.1.3 or later (Application)Not available at print time.
Download Democlick herenot available
Download Updaternot availablenot available

Product Options
ProductPack QtyPlatformVersionPriceBuy
MathMagic Pro (No Upgrades) [ESD]
QuarkXPress 6.X
QuarkXPress 7
Stand-Alone Application
001 MAC 5.52 US $499.00
MathMagic Pro (No Upgrades) [ESD]
QuarkXPress 6.X
QuarkXPress 7
Stand-Alone Application
005 MAC 5.52 US $2,000.00
MathMagic Pro (No Upgrades) [ESD]
QuarkXPress 6.X
QuarkXPress 7
Stand-Alone Application
010 MAC 5.52 US $4,000.00
MathMagic Pro with 2-Year Free Upgrade [ESD]
QuarkXPress 6.X
QuarkXPress 7
Stand-Alone Application
001 MAC 5.52 US $695.00
MathMagic Pro with 2-Year Free Upgrade [ESD]
QuarkXPress 6.X
QuarkXPress 7
Stand-Alone Application
005 MAC 5.52 US $2,800.00
MathMagic Pro with 2-Year Free Upgrade [ESD]
QuarkXPress 6.X
QuarkXPress 7
Stand-Alone Application
010 MAC 5.52 US $5,600.00
MathMagic Pro Upgrade to Current Version (No Upgrades) [ESD]
QuarkXPress 6.X
QuarkXPress 7
Stand-Alone Application
001 MAC 5.52 US $299.00
MathMagic Pro Upgrade with 2-Year Free Upgrades [ESD]
QuarkXPress 6.X
QuarkXPress 7
Stand-Alone Application
001 MAC 5.52 US $399.00

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