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ARTS Split Pro


ARTS Split Pro is an industrial-strength, stand-alone for splitting PDFs. It features a set of tools that allow users to perform intelligent splitting based on page content and watched folders, and is built on an engine that has the power to process more than 2000 pages per minute.
By selecting areas on a page, or specifying particular text and applying a particular command to that text or area, coordinate files can be created in Acrobat to split PDFs based on the text on the pages. ARTS Split Pro can split PDFs using several methods:

- bookmarks;

- control file;

- control file -- full path;

- coordinate file, using ARTS Split Pro Assistant and Adobe Acrobat;

- file size; and

- single pages.
[split by bookmarks] enables the user to split a PDF based on the bookmarks it contains. Each page that is bookmarked becomes the start of a new fragment, and the title of the bookmark is used to name the fragment. The subsequent pages without bookmarks that follow each split are added to the fragment until the next page that contains a bookmark appears; at which time the next fragment is created. The level of bookmarks to use can also be defined with the top-level bookmarks being level one.
[split by control file] (control file by definition is a file used by ARTS Split Pro to control the splitting process), enables the user to predefine the page ranges and file names for the resulting fragments, the smaller PDFs produced by the splitting process.
A text file listing the page range and final output name for each fragment is used, and when [split by control file] is executed, the file is split and each fragment is given a file name from the control file and placed in the specified folder.
Choosing [split by control file -- full path] splits a file based on the settings the user specifies in the control file, with each fragment being stored in the directory indicated by the full path in the control file.
[split by file size] enables the user to split a PDF based on the user's desired file size of each fragment. Specify the size of the PDF fragments and ARTS Split Pro will split the PDFs to the closest possible size as measured in kilobytes.
Use ARTS Split Pro Assistant to create coordinate files for intelligent, page-content-based splitting. Coordinate files can be used to make ARTS Split Pro splits based on the text on the pages of a PDF.
Some simple examples include:

- split when an invoice ID or other unique identifier on the page changes;

- split when specific text -- such as page number or chapter heading -- appears on a particular page, and use this text to name the resulting split file;

- split when a text string appears on two pages in a row, then split the file and make the file name this repeating string; or

- split when a text string appears on two pages in a row.
Additionally, using watched-folder mechanisms, or manually the full range of commands available for use with coordinate files allow the user to:

- split based on changing page content;

- split if specified text is found on page;

- split if specified text is found within a rectangle;

- new COM methods: [SplitByBookmarks], [SplitByControlFile], [SplitByCoordFile], [SplitByFileSize], and [SplitIntoSinglePages];

- GUI options include logging enabled, silent mode, and overwrite mode;

- additional rectangle commands for coordinate files;

- view commands feature for ARTS Split Pro Assistant;

- extract text from a PDF to a text file;

- fill the document summary from the text on the page; or

- use text from the PDF as the fragment's file name.
Use watched folders to automate splitting. ARTS Split Pro's watched folders allow an automated splitting process to be created and can be accessible from a desktop or across an entire network. The user specifies the folders to watch and any PDFs placed in these designated folders will be processed according to the user's specified settings.
The watched-folders function can also be used in conjunction with control files and coordinate files, allowing a fully automated, intelligent, server-side splitting solution.
ARTS Split Pro can be directed from the command line also. The command line calls can be used to run a splitting process and can be integrated into a user's PDF applications. | Manufacturer: ARTS PDF, Inc.

System and Demo Options
System RequirementsNot available at time of print.Pentium III or greater
OS RequirementsNot available at time of print.98, ME, NT, 2000, XP
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Product Options
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ARTS Split Pro [ESD]
Stand-Alone Application
001 WIN 2.0 US $2,995.00
ARTS Split Pro [CD-ROM]
Stand-Alone Application
001 WIN 2.0 US $2,995.00
ARTS Split Pro with Annual Maintenance
Stand-Alone Application
001 WIN 2.0 US $3,494.00

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