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Extreme Suite


Cacidi Extreme Suite 6.0 CS2 is the most advanced and yet easy-to-use standard software available for automating graphic design whether producing catalogs, brochures, price lists, business cards, or other single or multipage documents containing text, image, and barcode content. The Extreme Suite offers the obvious advantage of avoiding tedious and repetitive tasks such as copy/paste, formatting text, manually importing and scaling images, and producing barcodes; as well as updating content for future productions. Cacidi Extreme Suite 6.0 CS2 is the tool of choice for businesses with a demand for optimizing time and budget in their graphic production workflow.

Cacidi Extreme 6.0 CS2 offers four different production methods of choice, providing the most suitable production flow for any type of job. The production methods included are:

Step 'n Repeat — create a single simple or advanced design with InDesign, save it as an item design, and have Cacidi Extreme automatically produce as many content-variable objects as number of records in the source file. The Step 'n Repeat method is very often used for projects such as business cards, mail merges, price tags, labels, and so on.

Predefined — combine as many Cacidi Extreme item designs as desired on a single page or queue of pages (catalogs), and build automated documents totally controlled by the designers' choice of layout. Very often used for brochures and catalogs with a page range from 1 to 50 pages, where the designer's general overview is in charge of the production flow.

AutoCalc — allows a production setup partly driven by the designers' full creative freedom combined with a database setup for arranging records in groups. Select predefined InDesign paragraph and character styles and define Cacidi Extreme module use and these settings will enable Cacidi Extreme to automatically disposition and arrange the layout in the InDesign document. The AutoCalc method is very often the better choice for production of extensive catalogs, price list, manuals, brochures, and the like, typically involving from 50 to thousands of pages.

Update — this method applies to each of the three previous, as listed above. No matter what type of production method a first build of the document is based, the Cacidi Extreme Update method will — at any time — enable the user to progressively update text, image, and barcode content in the layout as changes apply to the data source. Most Cacidi Extreme customers implement the update method when publishing future editions of their first automated productions.


• automate 99% of InDesign's built-in features;

• adds even more functionality to InDesign for manual and automated use;

• new and improved user interface;

• all major functionality is now integrated into one single palette, offering five different facings and the views and features of the palette are changed by intuitively clicking icons;

• basic palette view includes the most commonly used features for creating modules for layout automation;

• AutoCalc palette view includes all calculation adjustments for automatic disposure of pages;

• PageQ palette view provides a set up environment for queuing jobs and handling of page headers and footers;

• show links palette view provides for fast connection between external data files and design;

• Text box handlers palette view provides for dynamic text scaling, balancing of columns, and auto adjustment of boxes;

• simple connection of data fields;

• simple and clear user interface shows the most important buttons for selecting InDesign templates, scaling of images, set, and get hidden data;

• single button click for merging codes for text, images, bar codes, and other elements;

• logically arranged and easy-to-see list provides a general view and shows the actual merge information in the data;

• automatic creation of module variations;

Create Variation automatically creates all variations of design modules, to be used in relation with a chosen grid size;

• dynamic scaling of text for a given frame from three different adjustment priorities;

• automatic grid definition lets the user intuitively define the grid working size via the Extreme Basic palette and it is now possible to define an item box size and have Extreme automatically calculate the number of tiles to fit on a page;

• automatic balancing of columns in a text frame and automatically balances text from the first column into the following columns;

• image and text frames are dynamically adjusted to the content of the frame, and by choosing binding, the elements keep together;

• AutoCalc adjusts specific module names for left and right pages, and if the modules for right and left page differ, the correct design is chosen, depending on whether the page is positioned left or right;

• XML support through a simple preference setting enables the user to work with XML input files as well as simple text files;

• after manually applying changes to the content in the document, use the roundtrip feature to create an export file to write back into the data source or database;

• build automated documents on multiple InDesign layers in one process;

• user interface and sub-functionality are shared by several small Plug-ins, each addressing different functions;

• adds two more bar code types to the general feature set, ISBN (International Standard Book Numbering) and ISSN (International Standard Serial Numbering);

• integrates seamlessly with InDesign and delivers ready-to-print InDesign files or ready-to-print PDFs, depending on requirements; and

• exceptionally affordable price.

Manufacturer: Cacidi Systems Aps

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Extreme Suite CS2 [ESD]
InDesign 4.X/CS2
001 MAC 6.0 US $3,150.00
Extreme Suite CS [ESD]
InDesign 3.X/CS
001 MAC 5.5 US $3,150.00

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