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Chartbot for InDesign

Chartbot for InDesign


It's easy to create a few charts, but mass-producing them slows down any professional-publishing workflow. With Chartbot, quickly turn out mass quantities of publication-quality charts right from QuarkXPress or InDesign. The results are slick, print very fast, and don't need checking or reworking. Chartbot never makes messy mistakes like overlapping on-chart text.

Most organizations choose between Excel and Illustrator to produce charts for QuarkXPress or InDesign. Simplicity vs. designer looks. Chartbot has both, including automatic on-chart data legends and values.

In traditional methods, multistep, multi-application processes must be repeated for each chart, and for each revision of the source data. They are difficult or impossible to automate reliably. Chartbot cuts the process to one step.

No reworking, no checking. Chartbot eliminates the costly proofing and reworking cycle for charts: it is designed for truly unattended operation on variable data. Set options to automatically do the right thing over wide ranges of data, quantities of data, or missing data. Once set up, a Chartbot chart, in effect, needs no checking over multiple data revisions or versions.

Chartbot's charts usually print at or near the printer's full-rated speed, so even productions printers usually don't slowdown for charts.

Chartbot mass produces charts for professional publishers and mailers. Its hardworking features are focused on creating mainstream chart layouts that intelligently handle varying data without rework.


• zero data points can be automatically eliminated;

• data with duplicate labels can be automatically merged;

• compatible with DesignMerge, XData, InData, Xcatalog, and InCatalog;

• chart layouts and/or data can be easily copied between charts or put into a template;

• charts print fast — at or near rated printer speed;

• on-computer print-processing time is virtually instant;

• generated PDFs are extremely compact;

• PDF conversion up to 75 charts/second;

• charts are true vector drawings and are resolution independent;

• labels and values are laid out automatically;

• 11 placement layouts are available;

• smart placement of labels and values prevents collisions and overlap;

• text reformatting of values and labels: every number and label can be reformatted differently;

• text can be white cutout from dark backgrounds;

• colors of graphic shapes can be preset, taken from a cycling palette, or in-betweened (for color stepping);

• negative data's graphic shapes can be automatically painted in a special color;

• outlines of graphic shapes have variable color, dashing, and width;

• axis, grid, tics, and callout lines have variable layout, color, dashing, and width;

• text sizes and colors are variable;

• three-dimensional effect is optional;

• depth and view-angle are variable;

• true CMYK is supported;

• spot color is supported;

• chart data scale can be automatic or preset;

• placeholders in data reserve blank columns for missing data;

• multiple data series can be interleaved, overlapped, or side by side;

• bar widths, spacing, and grouping are fully variable;

• line charts' and area charts' data scale can be automatic or preset;

• data point markers (points on line) are available in 21 shapes;

• each data point can have a different marker shape;

• bottom axis can be nonzero;

• pie charts' callout lines from slices to legend text can automatically be inserted only if necessary for clarity;

• values print as percentage or units;

• half or full pies are available; and

• slices can be exploded or stuck together.

Manufacturer: Soft Horizons

System and Demo Options
System RequirementsPowerPC or greater, PostScript Level 2 or 3 printer, or Adobe Acrobat Distiller (Full)Pentium II or greater, PostScript Level 2 or 3 printer, or Adobe Acrobat (Full)
OS Requirements9.X, OS X95, 98, 2000, 2003, NT, XP
Download Democlick hereclick here
Download Updaternot availablenot available

Product Options
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Chartbot for InDesign [CD-ROM]

001 WIN 1.0 US $995.00
Chartbot for InDesign [CD-ROM]
InDesign 1.5X
InDesign 2.X
InDesign 3.X/CS
001 MAC 1.0 US $995.00
Chartbot for InDesign [CD-ROM]
InDesign 1.5X
InDesign 2.X
InDesign 3.X/CS
001 WIN 1.0 US $995.00

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