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PM2Q6 is an XTensions module that imports Adobe PageMaker files into a QuarkXPress v6.0 document, easily and efficiently. The newly released PM2Q6 now supports conversion of PageMaker files to QuarkXPress v6.0 for the following items: layers, runaround on all sides from the obstruction object, runaround path that doesn't match the box, and PANTONE Hexachrome. In addition, PM2Q6 displays QuarkXPress v6.0's missing font dialog enabling replacement of fonts.

QuarkXPress is a popular electronic-publishing application. Many service bureaus and printers prefer to work with QuarkXPress-formatted digital files due to their workflow considerations.

The manufacturers of desktop-publishing applications have their own unique methods of text rendering. Therefore, text flow will not be completely accurate in all conversions. Depending on the use of custom kerning, tracking, leading, and so on, manual formatting is usually required.


• enables the user to preserve and import PageMaker layers into a QuarkXPress v6.0 document;

• controls the way text runs behind, around, or within items and pictures;

• fully supports PANTONE Hexachrome color system ensuring correct color mapping;

• provides the user the ability to select the language they would like the PM2Q6 menu to display, and allows the user to synchronize the language displayed on PM2Q6 with the language of the operating system;

• supports the QuarkXPress v6.0 missing font dialog enabling replacement of fonts that are not active on the system and are used in the document being converted; and

• available for Macintosh and Windows systems.

Manufacturer: Markzware Software

System and Demo Options
System RequirementsPowerMac 7200 or greater, PowerPCNot available at time of print.
OS RequirementsOS X 10.2 or laterNot available at time of print.
Download Demonot availablenot available
Download Updaternot availablenot available

Product Options
ProductPack QtyPlatformVersionPriceBuy
QuarkXPress 6.X
001 MAC 2.0 US $199.00
QuarkXPress 6.X
001 MAC 2.0 US $199.00
PM2Q6 Upgrade from PM2Q5 [ESD]
QuarkXPress 6.X
001 MAC 2.0 US $99.00
PM2Q6 Upgrade from PM2Q5 [CD-ROM]
QuarkXPress 6.X
001 MAC 2.0 US $99.00

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