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MadeToPrint Auto for QuarkXPress

MadeToPrint Auto for QuarkXPress


MadeToPrint XT was developed to streamline and enhance one of the most neglected but vital aspects of QuarkXPress: printing.

At its simplest, MadeToPrint XT combines all the aspects of a given print job into a simple selectable item. These can include: the desired printer on the network, any special settings required for that device in the chooser, page setup, and print settings (including custom separation definitions, and registration-mark text and placement).

In addition, MadeToPrint XT allows for grouping of multiple print-job definitions into custom sets that can be invoked at any time to output the same document to multiple output devices, using the parameters specified for each device in its own print job. This means that with a single operation, a user can elect to have a document output to a black-and-white laser printer, a color-proofing device, and a high-resolution imagesetter — and be assured that all settings in all dialogs are correct. Thus, MadeToPrint XT reduces media waste caused by improper settings of chooser selections, and allows for unattended output of QuarkXPress documents to any variety of formats.


infobar, a user-definable, automatically generated job slug printed at the top of every output page that can contain comprehensive information about the document, the workstation, and the user creating the output;

• optionally replaces specific graphics automatically during output with a uniformly colored area, based on the graphic type or characteristics in the file name, to assist in manual film-stripping workflows;

• provides powerful tools for working with print-to-a-PostScript-file functions in Acrobat;

• optionally auto-generates a print-file name depending on and composed of several variables including current date and time, user ID, document name, page number, last modification date and time, name of workstation or startup volume, and so on;

• automatically creates one PostScript file per document, spread, or page;

• printing of a gallery (a crossbreed of printing thumbnails and the LaserWriter n-up feature) with added flexibility (very useful for printing overviews of multipage documents or customized presentations of documents);

• print picture info (print the name of a picture inside every picture box for documenting and tracking picture usage for picture-laden publications such as catalogs);

• create one EPS for the content of every page rather than printing the page (the bounding box will be the enclosing rectangle of the elements on that page on a page-by-page basis);

• provides batchprint to run a set of print jobs for all documents in a selected folder

Besides offering all the features of the standard version, the Auto version of MadeToPrint XT for QuarkXPress 6.x can be run hot folder-based.

QuarkXPress files are processed completely automatically through printing queues 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. MadeToPrint XPress Auto can make a contribution to efficient print production, wherever large quantities of QuarkXPress files have to be processed for output.

Manufacturer: callas software gmbh

System and Demo Options
System RequirementsPowerPC G3 or greaterPentium II or greater
OS RequirementsOS X 10.2 or later2000, XP
Download Democlick hereclick here
Download Updaternot availablenot available

Product Options
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MadeToPrint Auto [ESD]
QuarkXPress 7
001 MAC 1.5.117 US $3,179.00
MadeToPrint Auto [ESD]
QuarkXPress 7
001 WIN 1.5.103 US $3,179.00
MadeToPrint Auto [ESD]
QuarkXPress 6.5
001 MAC 1.5.117 US $3,179.00
MadeToPrint Auto [ESD]
QuarkXPress 6.5
001 WIN 1.5.103 US $3,179.00

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