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Slugger Customizer

Slugger Customizer


Organize a department and reduce confusion using Slugger to generate indispensable trafficking and document information stamped compactly and conveniently, yet very legibly on each page. In a Macintosh-production department with complex or high-volume jobs, Slugger will make sure documents travel with pertinent information attached.

Slugger saves time previously wasted filling out paper forms manually. Who, what, where, and when printed on every page guarantees that information is not lost in the shuffle. Slugger reduces freelance and second-shift miscommunication, and eliminates the need to print with crops to see basic info. It can be customized to specific design needs and production requirements with custom fonts and data fields, and reduce paper waste and operator error.

The location of a document is of paramount importance. With the path to file feature of Slugger, instantly know what machine (or server) the document was last saved to, what folder it is located in, and what the file is named. A tremendous time saver in any multi-user environment.

Slugger automatically lists font usage as well as graphics usage. This removes the need to track this information manually. Being able to communicate with the people who worked on a document is often an important thing. Slugger automatically places the last two users that worked on the document and the station they worked on directly in the slug. Slugger prompts a user for a job number at document setup time, so it is always included in the slug. Slugger automatically updates the handling number each time a document is saved, closed, and reopened. Since a document may be handled many times in one proof cycle, the proof number is entered manually through the user sign in dialog box. This ensures accurate accounts of both. The slug can be deleted and all information is retained. Even if a user accidentally deletes a slug, go to the Slugger specifications dialog box and click ok. The slug will reappear with all of the document's historic data in place.

Slugger now comes with Customizer included as the first seat of the purchase. Buy two Sluggers and one will be the Customizer, which also functions as a Slugger end-user seat. Previously the Customizer was $500 and sold separately.


• now comes with Customizer included as the first seat;

• multiple slug layouts, information, logos, and so on;

• select slug presets from a dialog popup;

• create slugs with the help of 15 default templates;

• several new slug types are included (rotated, postscript, paper relative as opposed to page relative, registration, and extra);

• improved customizer dialog;

• more Slugger lists;

• ability to make a static text box (updated only once at beginning);

• independent secondary slug box;

save as or document rename initiates a new Slug Barcodes for job numbers (new element type);

build installer package function for IT managers;

• slug element toggle (e.g., turn off, signoff, chips, in user log in dialog);

• Cropster aware (sold separately) fills in bleed, trim, safety and folds automatically; and

• many small and large fixes and improvements.

Manufacturer: GLUON

System and Demo Options
System RequirementsPowerPC or greaterPentium or greater
OS Requirements8.X, 9.X95, 98, NT
Download Democlick hereclick here
Download Updaterclick herenot available

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