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Smart Connection Pro 2

Smart Connection Pro 2


Smart Connection Pro builds on InDesign and InCopy's power by expanding the feature-set with those features that are needed to manage publications in medium to large workgroups with up to 30 users.

Smart Connection Pro has an easy-to-use interface. While still using a generic file-server it organizes files with a more database-oriented approach. It uses more familiar concepts such as publication, issue, section, and basket. Users can set up a publication structure according to the guidelines and needs of a company or organization, even using site-specific terminology.

With its check-in, check-out features, Smart Connection Pro effectively separates the work of the designer from that of the editor. By doing so, Smart Connection Pro enables a simultaneous workflow. An InDesign user can't change the text of a document when an editor is working on it in InCopy. Text that is sent to InCopy can't be modified in InDesign for as long as it is checked out. In fact, as long as text is in use by an editor the only thing an InDesign user can do is change the design of the frames that will hold the locked text. An editor can't change design elements in InCopy because the designer is in charge of the InDesign document. Messing up publications has become virtually impossible.

Smart Connection Pro's preview panel provides a preview of stories or images. This enables users to efficiently select the right files, eliminating the need to undo accidental placements — saving valuable time.

A basket-oriented approach allows editors and designers to identify steps in the workflow. For example, when copy is ready to be corrected, send the text to a basket defined as “Revision round.” In fact, this is an automated communication paradigm, and is one way that Smart Connection Pro prevents errors during the production process. Another example is the ability for editors and designers to send each other short instant messages or add annotation notes to a text element.

The Smart Connection Pro “Send to Next” button available in InCopy allows editors to automatically send text to the next basket in the workflow. The Smart Connection Pro panel automatically updates its status icons as copy and design status of a document or an article changes and can be configured to show just the information needed at any moment. This prevents editors from being distracted from their work by interface elements that change, yet are irrelevant to their work.

With its configuration tool, Smart Connection Pro allows users to tailor the levels of hierarchy to work intuitively within the workflow. Stages of the workflow can be renamed as needed and as a project evolves.

With Smart Connection Pro the one file per document limitation is removed. Instead, have as many or as few text elements per file as needed. Smart Connection Pro enables one file per article, per spread, or per publication. For example, to accommodate flexibility in a newspaper or statutes in a legislatory publication, a user might opt for a one file per article approach. On the other hand, if publishing a manual, one file per chapter might be preferred. The possibilities are virtually endless.


• integrated workflow solution;

• publication-oriented workflow;

• publication-oriented interface;

• assigning stories;

• editors can work on contents while the designer is working on layout;

• Write-to-fit functionality with Adobe InCopy including revision tracking, editorial notes, and text statistics;

• integrated direct messaging;

• thumbnail view;

• overview of work with the SCPro placed element palette;

• protection features provide safeguard from errors;

• flexible publication structure to fit any publisher;

• scalable, cross-platform solution;

• automated workflow; and

• configuration tool.

Manufacturer: WoodWing Software

System and Demo Options
System RequirementsPowerPC 604 or fasterPentium II processor or faster
OS RequirementsOS 9 or later98/2000/NT 4.0 Workstation or greater
Download Democlick hereclick here
Download Updaternot availablenot available

Product Options
ProductPack QtyPlatformVersionPriceBuy
Smart Connection Pro 2 (includes InCopy Plug-ins) [ESD]
InCopy 2.X
InDesign 2.X
001 MAC 2.1.1 US $799.00
Smart Connection Pro 2 [ESD]
InCopy 2.X
InDesign 2.X
025 MAC 2.1.1 US $10,600.00
Smart Connection Pro 2 (includes InCopy Plug-ins) [ESD]
InCopy 2.X
InDesign 2.X
001 WIN 2.1.1 US $799.00
Smart Connection Pro 2 [ESD]
InCopy 2.X
InDesign 2.X
010 WIN 2.1.1 US $4,760.00
Smart Connection Pro 2 [ESD]
InCopy 2.X
InDesign 2.X
025 WIN 2.1.1 US $10,600.00

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