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pdfInspektor4 CLI


pdfInspektor4 CLI is a PDF preflight tool providing reliable high performance through more than 800 individually configurable test options. pdfInspektor is the leading test tool for creating, transmitting, and processing PDFs.


• comprehensive testing of all PDF characteristics through unsurpassed performance;

• ensures the usability of PDFs for specific areas of application (such as compatibility with older versions of Acrobat, ability to be produced in certain printing processes, and ability to be archived);

• identifies production problems and minimizes risks during the processing and releasing of PDFs;

• supports both IS• standards PDF/X and PDF/A;

• predefined validation rules according to GWG and PDFX-ready guidelines;

• includes ready-made configurations for all important areas of application;

• Adobe Acrobat Professional preflight test profiles can be used directly

ideal for large amounts of data owing to a high-processing speed;

• n• accidental changes to PDFs;

• particularly meaningful test results through configurable severity codes;

• offers clear display of results as a text or PDF report;

• validation rules can be fine-tuned to exact specifications.

• checks more than 800 characteristics;

• validates both PDFs and resources used therein (fonts, images, ICC profiles, and XML metadata);

• profiles fully compatible with Preflight Acrobat 8;

• supports all principle standards: validates and creates PDF/X-1a, PDF/X-3, PDF/X-4, PDF/A-1a, PDF/A-1b;

• supports all PDF versions (including PDF 1.7/Acrobat 8);

• differentiated checking of individual attributes through flexible comparison operators;

• several attributes combinable to one validation rule;

• severity code of a validation rule adjustable in three gradations (error, warning, and information);

• preflight profiles in XML format;

• easily parsed XML or ASCII reports for efficient machine analysis

creation of various reports in one test run;

• validates contained IPTC and other image metadata and displays them in a report;

• processes an average of 60 PDF pages per minute;

• same calling conventions as in pdfColorConvert CLI and pdfCorrect CLI; and

• pdfAutomator's user interface permits the adjustment, parallel processing, and control of any number of pdfInspektor CLI job queues; and

• can be operated via command-line requests, automated server processes, or integrated into web applications.

Manufacturer: callas software gmbh

System and Demo Options
System RequirementsNot available at time of print.Pentium II or greater
OS RequirementsOS X2000, XP, Vista
Download Democlick hereclick here
Download Updaternot availablenot available

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pdfInspecktor4 CLI [ESD]
001 MAC 4.0.235 US $3,179.00
pdfInspecktor4 CLI [ESD]
001 WIN 4.0.235 US $3,179.00
pdfInspecktor4 CLI [ESD]
001 LIN 4.0.235 US $3,179.00
pdfInspecktor4 CLI [ESD]
001 SUN 4.0.235 US $3,179.00

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