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For additional savings, check out the bundle: PhotoWebber and WebMeddler Bundle.

WebMeddler is a tool for web-page authors that generates user-editable web pages. The author of a web page decides what is or is not editable, and to what degree. Authorized users can then make simple edits to the web page from within a browser.

Users of WebMeddler don't need any knowledge of HTML — simple word-editor skills will suffice. WebMeddler is secure and will protect the integrity of page design and programming.

Building a web page requires a lot of expertise but, unfortunately, making just minor updates to a page once it is built requires the same amount of expertise. With WebMeddler a web-page programmer can designate portions of the page as editable for authorized viewers. Once the page is deployed, an authorized viewer who may know nothing about HTML can make simple changes to the text of the page with nothing more than their browser.

Editing a web page with WebMeddler is safe and easy. If a user needs to edit a web page, they simply point their browser at that page, select the text they wish to edit, and then either click a predefined link on the page for activating WebMeddler or choose an edit command from their favorites menu.

When WebMeddler is activated it presents the user with a log in screen prompting for a name and password, and then it opens up the editor window. The editor window is no more complicated than a simple text processor. The user is not required to know any HTML — in fact, WebMeddler won't let them add any HTML or do anything which would jeopardize the integrity of the page. Once the user clicks ok, the change is committed to the page.

WebMeddler includes a freeform editor, or optionally, web-page authors can choose to use template-based editing where the user is given a dialog with predefined fields, checkboxes, and choices. The user fills out the dialog and the HTML the author has provided is populated with the user's choices and updated. This is great for doing entry-of-the-day type work.

WebMeddler does not bypass any security systems or open exploitable opportunities when deployed on a web site. WebMeddler uses FTP to access the web server and must negotiate all the same passwords and user-identification hurdles as any user would. WebMeddler does not store any record of user IDs or passwords. It has no special access of its own.

Platform Requirements: WebMeddler is a Java applet and a few JavaScripts to be put onto editable pages. As such, it has a broad range of deployment possibilities.

Server Requirements: Since it executes client side, WebMeddler has no particular server or server software requirements. Servers can be any machine (Unix, Windows, Mac, and so on), running any configuration. WebMeddler simply requires that the web pages be addressable through FTP for both read and write. (America Online web pages are not accessible via FTP for both read and write operations.)

Client Browser Requirements: Windows — Internet Explorer 4 or later or Netscape 4; Macintosh — Netscape 4. (Netscape 6 is not supported.)

Manufacturer: Media Lab

System and Demo Options
System RequirementsPowerPC or greaterPentium or greater
OS Requirements7.61 or later95/98/NT4/2000
Download Democlick hereclick here
Download Updaternot availablenot available

Product Options
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WebMeddler [ESD]
Internet Explorer 4.X
Internet Explorer 5.X (Win)
Internet Explorer 6.X (Win)
Netscape 4.X
Netscape 6.X
001 HYB 1.0 US $199.00

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