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Award-winning, ArabicXT 5.0 is an XTensions module that turns QuarkXPress into an Arabic professional desktop-publishing software by adding several features to it. As a unique Arabization kit to QuarkXPress, ArabicXT 5.0 does not modify anything in the original code of QuarkXPress.

Ideally suited for professional publishers, ArabicXT 5.0 enables the user to create Arabic publications on QuarkXPress easily and effectively with no need for an Arabized operating system.

New and enhanced features have been added to ArabicXT 5.0 designed to further simplify work and save time and money.


• improvement in the style-sheet handling;

• supports text to box feature of QuarkXPress directly in an Arabic text box;

• supports convert text to table and table to text for the Arabic text;

• enables writing of Arabic text in web documents;

• enhanced ArabicXT flip document layout feature to handle lines and Beziér curves;

• more Arabic fonts are included in the package (46 fonts, with 10 free fonts upon registration;

• can run in reader mode which works without a dongle to allow for document distribution, viewing, and printing;

• ArabicXT 5 Mac is bundled with StripitXT to automatically extract Arabic and Latin text from QuarkXPress documents into a hot folder and Zakhrafat (Mac Only), a professional collection of more than 140 oriental clipart pieces and 30 drop caps;

• ArabicXT 6 Mac is bundled with Zakhrafat (Mac Only), a professional collection of more than 140 oriental clipart pieces and 30 drop caps;

• automatic Kashida insertion for justifying Arabic text using powerful Kashida algorithms;

• controllable ligature selection;

• automatic vertical and horizontal positioning of accents over characters;

• drop words over several lines at the beginning of paragraphs;

• mix Arabic and Latin text;

• import Arabic text from Macintosh or Windows word processors;

• export Arabic text for editing in other Arabic word processors;

• copy and paste text attributes on character-level basis;

• change attributes of a specific language within a mixed-selection range;

• bilingual find and replace feature;

• eye-catching Arabic web documents to be exported as HTML documents and posted directly on a web site;

• more control over Arabic layout spaces;

• conversion of Arabic print-based designs to Arabic web-based designs or vice-versa, within one file;

• include an Arabic web layout and a print layout in the same file and share Arabic text content between the two;

• documents are now a Project which is a collection of layouts that might include print pages, web pages, or different versions of either, in varying sizes and orientations;

• synchronized Arabic text among different layout spaces;

• include the same Arabic text in multiple layout spaces and synchronize it between different layout spaces;

• edit synchronized Arabic text in one layout space, and have it simultaneously changed in other layout spaces;

• link text cells to one another, or to any text box in a mixed Latin-Arabic page-layout;

• easily set the tab order of cells and the like, thus formatting a table in whatever way is most convenient;

• supports multiple undo to reverse one action or a series of actions, or to re-implement a series of actions including text and picture import, text linking, style sheet edits, and much more;

• automatic Kashida insertion using powerful Kashida algorithms;

• change of attributes of a specific language within a mixed selection range;

• enhanced ArabicXT flip document layout feature to handle lines and Beziér curves;

• bilingual find and replace; and

• includes 46 high-quality Arabic fonts with 10 additional free fonts upon registration.

All Arabic products are shipped directly from Lebanon at the time of the customer's order and incur additional shipping charges. In the event that the product cannot be delivered electronically, as some cannot, you will be notified of the shipping surcharge. Note that this surcharge is generally $75.

Manufacturer: Layout Limited

System and Demo Options
System RequirementsPowerPC G3 or greater486 or greater
OS Requirements8.6, 9.X, 10.2+ (for AXT 6)95 or later, NT
Download Democlick hereclick here
Download Updaterclick herenot available

Product Options
ProductPack QtyPlatformVersionPriceBuy
ArabicXT 6 [USB]
QuarkXPress Passport 6.1
QuarkXPress Passport 6.5
001 MAC 6.1r5 US $585.00
ArabicXT 6 [USB]
QuarkXPress 6.X
001 WIN 6.5r5 US $585.00
ArabicXT 6 Upgrade from v5.X
QuarkXPress Passport 6.X
001 MAC 6.1r5 US $120.00
ArabicXT 6 Upgrade from v4.X
QuarkXPress Passport 6.X
001 MAC 6.1r5 US $335.00
ArabicXT 6 Upgrade from v3.X
QuarkXPress Passport 6.X
001 MAC 6.1r5 US $370.00

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