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DL Formatter

DL Formatter


DL Formatter DL-100 is a variable-data tool for Acrobat. This new tool for Mac OS 9 or Windows is the latest version of our popular variable-data tool that now integrates with Adobe Acrobat to create complex jobs. Export QuarkXPress documents to DL-100 and merge data, creating output in a variety of formats.

Create customized marketing brochures and collateral, personalized financial reports, or any type of one-to-one communication, using DL Formatter. DL Formatter provides high quality, typeset, color documents for print or online delivery.

Maximize exposure for marketing expenditures and increase sales revenue with targeted mailers and brochures. It's easy with DL Formatter, capable of quickly processing thousands of data records.

Use DL Formatter's simple interface for typesetting, layout, and automatic generation of dynamic charts and tables from variable data — great for 401(k) statements and enrollment-kit creation. DL Formatter even manages database-content overflow, and adds pages as specified by the user.


• high-speed composition that can create tens of thousands of impressions per hour;

• optimized output formats for fast printing: VDX, VPS, and PPML;

• text reflow including automatic picture wrap;

• PDF security;

• easy-to-use GUI-based interface;

• scalability;

• controls to allow web-based-document creation;

• conditional logic;

• variety of input formats (tagged text, flat files, or ODBC);

• automatic generation of tables and charts; and

• available for Macintosh and PC

DL-100 Interactive: This DL Formatter solution is ideal for smaller record compositions (up to 4,000 records). DLF Essentials provides all the functionality required to create one-to-one output for print or web. Export QuarkXPress layouts to Adobe Acrobat to set up variable text and image frames.

DL-1000 Batch: Use the layouts created with the DL-100 Interactive tool to mass-generate tens of thousands of impressions in an hour. This solution is suited for hands-off production runs. Launch the batch server from a Windows command-line or through Apple Events for lights-out operation. Suitable for connecting to a web site.

DL Formatter Classic: Our traditional product that uses Adobe FrameMaker or InDesign as the document-layout tool. Create documents from within the design tool or export to batch. This version allows the insertion of additional pages, use of repeatable components (such as might appear in catalogs), automatic table of contents, and other advanced features.

DL Queue: Included with all batch configurations, DL Formatter incorporates an advanced queuing mechanism which provides load balancing and automatic fail-over, and is scalable to accommodate increasing user access. It is ideal for all types of web applications, including the creation of one-to-one brochures, catalogs, and financial statements.

Manufacturer: Datalogics, Inc.

System and Demo Options
System RequirementsPowerPC G3 or greater, 256 MB RAMPentium III, 650 MHz or greater
OS RequirementsOS X; QXP 4.1, 5.X, 6.X; ID 2.X, CSNT 4, 2000, XP; QXP 4.1, 5.X; ID 2.X, CS
Download Democlick hereclick here
Download Updaternot availablenot available

Product Options
ProductPack QtyPlatformVersionPriceBuy
DL Formatter DL-100
Acrobat 5.X
Acrobat 6.X
Acrobat 6.X Pro
001 MAC 2.0 US $3,300.00
DL Formatter DL-100
Acrobat 5.X
Acrobat 6.X
Acrobat 6.X Pro
001 WIN 2.0 US $3,300.00

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