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OPI_Swapper is a tool for managing low- and high-resolution data in a desktop-publishing application within the scope of an OPI system. When a picture is placed, the entire picture file is often read into the application. In this case, large picture files may overload the network. Generally speaking, for layouts and page composition, low-resolution images are sufficient.

OPI_Swapper quickly and efficiently swaps OPI layout data for OPI high-resolution data and vice versa. Additionally, swapping is possible for several documents at once, for a complete document, or by individual picture reference. As needed, low- or high-resolution data can be loaded with a click.

OPI_Swapper supports all common Open Prepress Interface solutions, including Helios Ethershare layouts setting, Helios Ethershare LAY setting, and a low-resolution data folder. The low-resolution data folder is user definable.

If the path for the low- or high-resolution image is invalid, the comment of the low-resolution image loaded can be evaluated. This image information also allows for other factors such as any changes in the file name of the low-resolution image which may have been made. The Helios picture path to the high-resolution image assigned is included and is then taken into account in any new assignment.

Assigning picture comment

OPI_Swapper links the information on the high-resolution image to the low-resolution image in a document through a picture comment. When documents with the low-resolution data are returned, the high-resolution data can be reassigned through the picture comments. The picture comments are evaluated so that the images can be reassigned by OPI_Swapper. If any picture data with an invalid path are loaded in the document, the Helios Volume is swapped for the System Volume in the current picture path in accordance with the preferences. The Helios Ethershare setting currently activated is then applied.


• provides convenient functions for managing the low- and high-resolution data of a document;

• can be adjusted to any OPI system due to its wide range of preference options;

• switch between low- and high-resolution data without any restrictions as needed in a document enabling the optimum mode for each step;

• carry out a reassignment for several documents at once;

• all open documents can be edited in one pass;

• in InDesign CS, embedded pictures can be included or excluded from editing;

• assigns picture comments to the low-resolution images which are now evaluated;

• based on the picture comments, the picture assignment of the low- and high-resolution data can be independently carried out by OPI_Swapper when shared documents are returned;

• set preferences for the OPI system only once;

• eliminates many of the errors occurring in manual picture swapping; and

• flexibility enables the user to load the correct picture files for each step.

Manufacturer: CodeWare

System and Demo Options
System RequirementsPowerPC or greaterPentium II or greater
OS RequirementsOS X 10.2.8 or later2000, XP
Download Democlick hereclick here
Download Updaternot availablenot available

Product Options
ProductPack QtyPlatformVersionPriceBuy
OPI-SwapperID [ESD]
InDesign 4.X/CS2
001 MAC 6.1.1 US $239.00
OPI-SwapperID [ESD]
InDesign 3.X/CS
001 MAC 6.0.8 US $239.00
OPI-SwapperID [ESD]
InDesign 4.X/CS2
001 WIN 6.1.1 US $239.00
OPI-SwapperID [ESD]
InDesign 3.X/CS
001 WIN 6.0.8 US $239.00
OPI-SwapperID Upgrade from CS [ESD]
InDesign 4.X/CS2
001 MAC 6.1.1 US $119.00
OPI-SwapperID Upgrade from CS [ESD]
InDesign 4.X/CS2
001 WIN 6.1.1 US $119.00

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