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ScriptMaster XT

ScriptMaster XT


ScriptMaster is the only QuarkXPress XTensions module that generates scripts by recording the user's actions, and now works natively in QuarkXPress 4.X and 6.1 or later.

With ScriptMaster, QuarkXPress users don't need to learn the intricacies of AppleScript. ScriptMaster XT generates the proper scripting syntax automatically. Users just record their actions as they work and then play the script back. The automatically generated scripts are fully editable. ScriptMaster XT records any action in QuarkXPress that is supported by QuarkXPress' scripting libraries.

Any program that can respond to scripting events is considered AppleScript compliant. But just being AppleScript compliant is not always enough — there's the time used learning how to write the scripts. With a complicated application such as QuarkXPress, this learning process can be substantial. With ScriptMaster XT, perform the process and have the program generate the script.

ScriptMaster XT watches what processes the user performs, each menu and dialog used, everything clicked and typed. As the work is being done, ScriptMaster XT generates the events that a script editor needs so that actions are recorded using the syntax from QuarkXPress' scripting dictionary. ScriptMaster XT not only records scripts, it also uses the correct syntax so that editing scripts is a snap.

ScriptMaster XT can make every user more productive with QuarkXPress. With ScriptMaster XT turn repetitive, routine tasks of document creation into powerful scripts to be run again and again, each doing their job quickly and accurately and getting from design to production faster than ever before.


• instant recording and playback of scripts;

• hot links to a favorite script editor;

• scripts folder organizes and provides easy access to scripts; and

• box labels help write scripts by providing an easy method for naming.

Manufacturer: JinTek

System and Demo Options
System RequirementsPowerPC or greaterNot available at time of print.
OS Requirements8.6+, OS XNot available at time of print.
Download Democlick herenot available
Download Updaternot availablenot available

Product Options
ProductPack QtyPlatformVersionPriceBuy
ScriptMaster XT [ESD]
QuarkXPress 6.5
001 MAC 3.0 US $299.00
ScriptMaster XT [ESD]
QuarkXPress 6.5
010 MAC 3.0 US $2,399.20
ScriptMaster XT [ESD]
QuarkXPress 6.5
020 MAC 3.0 US $4,784.00
ScriptMaster XT [ESD]
QuarkXPress 3.3X
QuarkXPress 4.X
001 MAC 1.2.1 US $199.00
ScriptMaster XT [ESD]
QuarkXPress 3.3X
QuarkXPress 4.X
010 MAC 1.2.1 US $1,092.00
ScriptMaster XT [ESD]
QuarkXPress 3.3X
QuarkXPress 4.1X
020 MAC 1.2.1 US $3,184.00
ScriptMaster XT Upgrade [ESD]
QuarkXPress 6.5
001 MAC 3.0 US $149.00

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