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Quark Interactive Designer

Design for Flash output intuitively - export QuarkXPress projects in SWF (Flash) file format. Design for Flash output intuitively and precisely without writing a single line... (more detail)

Quark Print Collection

Quark Print Collection is a feature-packed set of prepress tools for QuarkXPress® 7 and Adobe® Acrobat® 7, the industry's most-popular publishing applications. The intuitive Quark... (more detail)


What's New in 7:


? Color opacity

? Alpha channel masks in TIFF and PSD

? Drop shadows

? Synchronized angle

? Runaround... (more detail)

QuarkXPress and XPressMath Bundles

A bundle package containing a copy of QuarkXPress and a copy of XPressMath.
QuarkXPress 7 includes more than 160 new and enhanced features to enable... (more detail)

QX-Tools Pro

Increase efficiency and creativity in QuarkXPress with QX-Tools Pro's valuable collection of must-have XTensions modules for creative professionals of any level.


•... (more detail)

QX-Tools Pro 7

The new QX-Underline tool provides users with a greater degree of control over how rules and lines interact with descending characters. This tool enables rules... (more detail)

Redefine Style Sheet

Redefine Style Sheet augments the power of QuarkXPress style sheets. Simply define and redefine style sheets based on any selected text in the document. There... (more detail)

RedLining QuarkXPress

Redlining QuarkXPress is an XTensions module that enables the user to mark text as deleted or to appear as notes in the body of the... (more detail)

Reference XT

Using the buttons of the Reference XT palette create new frame and text references, delete existing references, and hide and show the visual indicators of... (more detail)


The Renumberer XTensions module automatically sets consecutive page numbering across multiple QuarkXPress documents. This XTensions module is useful for larger publications which are composed of... (more detail)


Generate detailed reports about various aspects of QuarkXPress documents as neatly formatted QuarkXPress documents. No need to collect for output to make a simple report... (more detail)

Repurposing Pack (WebXPress & XPressImage)

Includes WebXPress and XPressImage.
Manufacturer: GLUON... (more detail)

Repurposing Pack Pro (WebXPress Pro & XPressImage Pro)

Includes WebXPress Pro and XPressImage Pro.
Manufacturer: GLUON... (more detail)

Resize XT

One of the most popular XTensions modules on the market today, Resize XT scales a group of page elements to a specified percentage just as... (more detail)

RTF Import XT

Many modern Windows and Macintosh word-processing applications use the universal file format Rich Text Format (RTF), and RTF Import XT, an XTensions module for QuarkXPress... (more detail)


S&R XTn performs conditional-search and conditional-replace routines with QuarkXPress for one document, or saved to perform on several documents.
Though robust, S&R XTn... (more detail)

ScriptMaster XT

ScriptMaster is the only QuarkXPress XTensions module that generates scripts by recording the user's actions, and now works natively in QuarkXPress 4.X and 6.1... (more detail)

Search & Replace Pro XT

The Search & Replace Pro XTensions module is like QuarkXPress' Find/Change feature on steroids. The difference is that instead of searching for a single text... (more detail)

Search & Replace XT

Search & Replace XT automatically performs multiple search-and-replace routines, one after another. For example, to change all double spaces in a document and replace all space-hyphen-space... (more detail)

SecureX XTreme

SecureX XTreme (or SXXT for short) is a new XTensions module for QuarkXPress 4, 5, and 6 for both Mac and Windows platforms (replaces SecureX... (more detail)

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