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Smart Layout for InDesign

Smart Layout for InDesign


Smart Layout purchase includes a 1-year Support and Maintenance agreement, which includes unlimited technical support and free upgrades through the term of the agreement.

With Smart Layout the productivity of InDesign reaches a new level with the introduction of article structure to the contents of InDesign documents and additional intelligent behavior and automation.

Smart Layout is beneficial for any InDesign user working with multiple frames or multiple columns per article, such as magazines, newspapers, catalogues, and database publishers. Smart Layout introduces features to InDesign that were previously only found in expensive, proprietary, high-end layout systems.

Smart Layout brings structure to InDesign documents by incorporating the article concept. An article consists of several elements such as the head, intro, and body. Without Smart Layout, these are separate items; with Smart Layout the article is a single page item that contains all of the elements.

Additionally, Smart Layout's intelligence and automation yields a productivity improvement and a better, more consistent publication. Changing the layout just before deadline has never been this easy. Just a few actions and Smart Layout will do the rest. Smart Layout's smooth integration with InDesign allows new users to learn Smart Layout very easily.

Smart Layout CS v3.1 adds the Article Concept (the ability to combine all of a page's elements into one) to InDesign, just as earlier versions of Smart Layout did, but also offers many new features including:

• users can now select a group of page items and convert them to Smart Layout articles with one click;

• with automatic XML mapping, users don't have to understand XML or even think about using it;

• reformat content so it fits its elements and resize an article so all columns are leveled, with one click;

• InCopy users can now create structured articles with multiple components from scratch;

• use an article that was created in InCopy (with multiple components), place it in InDesign and all pieces of content will flow into the correct elements;

• allows for different-width gutters inside an article;

• when creating articles with the smart layout tool, new items flow around items already on the spread;

smart elements are any items, including images, that as a group become a Smart Layout item which then behave as a single item;

smart resizing minimizes the number of steps necessary to resize an article and its elements via automatic sizing, positioning, and resizing of individual columns;

smart grid provides Smart Layouts with their own grid, including both the column and baseline grid;

• change the number of columns quickly using shortcut keys;

smart borders give items their own border and fill;

• separate border elements are no longer necessary, saving valuable time close to deadline;

smart library enables the standard library functionality of InDesign to be used in concert with Smart Layout to have a powerful shape library;

• Smart Layout with Smart Styles (sold separately) unleashes additional power;

• complete Smart Layouts, including all elements, can be formatted at once.

Manufacturer: WoodWing Software

System and Demo Options
System RequirementsPowerPC 604 or fasterPentium II processor or faster
OS RequirementsOS 9 or later2000, XP
Download Democlick hereclick here
Download Updaternot availablenot available

Product Options
ProductPack QtyPlatformVersionPriceBuy
Smart Layout [ESD]
InDesign 4.X/CS2
001 MAC 4.0.2 US $649.00
Smart Layout [ESD]
InDesign 3.X/CS
001 MAC 3.1.4 US $649.00
Smart Layout [ESD]
InDesign 4.X/CS2
001 WIN 4.0.2 US $649.00
Smart Layout [ESD]
InDesign 3.X/CS
001 WIN 3.1.4 US $649.00
Smart Layout Upgrade [ESD]
InDesign 4.X/CS2
001 MAC 4.0.2 US $259.00
Smart Layout Upgrade [ESD]
InDesign 3.X/CS
001 MAC 3.1.4 US $259.00
Smart Layout Upgrade [ESD]
InDesign 4.X/CS2
001 WIN 4.0.2 US $259.00
Smart Layout Upgrade [ESD]
InDesign 3.X/CS
001 WIN 3.1.4 US $259.00

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