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PrintShop Mail

PrintShop Mail is an application for variable printing. PrintShop Mail does only one job. It personalizes layouts. Using familiar layout and database tools, create the... (more detail)

ProScale ID

The only scaling tool with IntelliScale Technology which allows InDesign users to scale non-proportionally without distorting type and graphics using a click-and-drag tool or from... (more detail)

Q-to-InDesign Batch

InDesign includes a feature to convert QuarkXPress files (v3.3X and v4.1X) and PageMaker (v6.5) to InDesign documents however, the conversion process involves two or three... (more detail)

Slug Cubed

Slug Cubed is a powerful, flexible, and reliable tool for adding slugs to InDesign documents and keeping content up to date. Designing a custom slug... (more detail)

Slugger ID

Organize a department and reduce confusion using Slugger ID to generate indispensable trafficking and document information stamped compactly and conveniently, yet very legibly, on each... (more detail)

Smart Catalog

Smart Catalog CS is a powerful solution to link data sources -- either a data file, or a database, or XML file (available separately) -- to an... (more detail)

Smart Catalog Modules

Additional modules can be added for additional functionality:
ODBC Module -- Link to any ODBC-compliant database such as SQL server, FileMaker Pro, Sybase, or Oracle, thereby... (more detail)

Smart Connection Light

Smart Connection Light enables users to start working as a team with InDesign and InCopy supporting workflow by preventing mistakes and managing shared files on... (more detail)

Smart Connection Pro

Smart Connection Pro builds on InDesign and InCopy's power by expanding the feature-set with those features that are needed to manage publications in medium to... (more detail)

Smart Connection Pro 2

Smart Connection Pro builds on InDesign and InCopy's power by expanding the feature-set with those features that are needed to manage publications in medium to... (more detail)

Smart Hyphen

The best way to improve your hyphenation in Adobe InDesign CS2 and InCopy CS2 is with Smart Hyphen, an intelligent syllable technology of the *TALO... (more detail)

Smart Layout for InDesign

Smart Layout purchase includes a 1-year Support and Maintenance agreement, which includes unlimited technical support and free upgrades through the term of the agreement... (more detail)

Smart Speller

Smart Speller is a powerful enhanced spelling Plug-in for Adobe InDesign and InCopy incorporating the technology from the language institute *TALO, and offering tremendous improvements... (more detail)

Smart Styles

Smart Styles delivers powerful formatting capabilities to Adobe InDesign users. All formatting options of a page item, including multiple text styles, can be set at... (more detail)

SoftCare Notes Manager

SoftCare's Notes Manager Plug-in will change the way you work with inline notes in Adobe InDesign and Adobe InCopy. Editorial staff will communicate more efficiently... (more detail)

SoftCare Overset Manager

SoftCare Overset Manager provides total control over text length and overset in Adobe InDesign CS, enabling the user to count, display, edit, and print overset... (more detail)

Sonar Bookends InDex

Sonar Bookends InDex is a powerful index generator capable of producing both an index and a table of contents in InDesign. Several types of indices... (more detail)

Sonar Bookends InDex Pro

Sonar Bookends InDex Pro is similar to Sonar Bookends Professional without web-site indexing, but this InDesign Plug-in additionally enables the user to make a table... (more detail)

Sonar Bookends InFnote

Sonar Bookends InFnote is a footnote Plug-in for InDesign designed to make footnotes and endnotes quick and easy to create and manage.
· New in... (more detail)

Sonar Bookends InSeq

Sonar Bookends InSequence automatically numbers figures and tables in an InDesign document making work with figures and tables easy.
To use the Plug-in: simply insert... (more detail)

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