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Smart Styles

Smart Styles


Smart Styles delivers powerful formatting capabilities to Adobe InDesign users. All formatting options of a page item, including multiple text styles, can be set at once using a page item from the style library as an example. Smart Styles makes repetitive formatting much more efficient, saving time for creative tasks. By using Smart Styles for repetitive formatting, the quality of publications will improve. Smart Styles is profitable for any InDesign user doing multiple layouts with comparable formatting (such as magazines, newspapers, and advertisements).


• all standard page-item properties are applied by Smart Styles including stroke properties (color, width, type, and so on), fill properties, colors including tints and gradients, corner effects, inset, number of columns, and much more;

• applies a sequence of paragraph styles allowing the specification of styles for the first paragraph(s), the last paragraph(s), and repeating styles for the paragraphs in between;

smart styles are stored in a style library, and each standard InDesign library can be used as a style library;

• a style library behaves differently from a standard InDesign library in that when an item is dragged from the style library, dropping the item on any page item will apply the Smart Style;

style library are defined by creating an example page item and dropping that into a style library;

• text styles and swatches used by Smart Styles are copied automatically to the document during application when they are not available within the document;

• with Smart Layout (sold separately) unleash even more power:

• complete Smart Layout items consisting of multiple elements that can be formatted at once; and

• properties for all kinds of elements (e.g., head, intro, and body) can be set differently as well as a sequence of paragraph styles.

New features in Smart Styles CS:

• support for running headers and footers;

• support for nested styles;

• properties can be turned on or off independently;

• Smart Styles can be applied to text selections;

• modification of elements previously defined with one style to have another style with the reapply command;

• Smart Style can be applied to all tables inside a text frame;

• text wrap property support;

• support for optional styling of Smart Catalog items and text fields.

• price includes one year mandatory support agreement ($39)

Manufacturer: WoodWing Software

System and Demo Options
System RequirementsPowerPC 604 or greaterPentium II processor or faster
OS Requirements9.X, 10.X (10.2 or later required for CS version)98, NT, 2000, XP (2000 or XP required for CS version)
Download Democlick hereclick here
Download Updaternot availablenot available

Product Options
ProductPack QtyPlatformVersionPriceBuy
Smart Styles [ESD]
InDesign 4.X/CS2
001 MAC 4.0 US $259.00
Smart Styles [ESD]
InDesign 3.X/CS
001 MAC 3.1 US $259.00
Smart Styles [ESD]
InDesign 4.X/CS2
001 WIN 4.0 US $259.00
Smart Styles [ESD]
InDesign 3.X/CS
001 WIN 3.1 US $259.00
Smart Styles CS2 Upgrade from CS [ESD]
InDesign 4.X/CS2
001 MAC 4.0 US $103.00
Smart Styles CS Upgrade from v2.X [ESD]
InDesign 3.X/CS
001 MAC 3.1 US $103.00
Smart Styles CS2 Upgrade from CS [ESD]
InDesign 4.X/CS2
001 WIN 4.0 US $103.00
Smart Styles CS Upgrade from v2.X [ESD]
InDesign 3.X/CS
001 WIN 3.1 US $103.00

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