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Catalog Maker


Catalog Maker is a powerful QuarkXPress XTensions module that provides a bridge between a database and QuarkXPress projects. Information stored in the database such as product pricing, images, and copy descriptions seamlessly import into QuarkXPress layouts using Smart Link technology. Catalog Maker is a proven solution that has saved clients a great deal of time and money by eliminating redundant tasks such as re-keying of information and reducing proofing cycles.

Using Catalog Maker's smart import functions, product information such as image, copy text, price information, style sheets, and so on are seamlessly flowed from a database into a QuarkXPress layout giving total control over the positioning of product information and aesthetics of the catalog. Catalog Maker effectively flows all information into assigned boxes at once. Also, with Catalog Maker's batch functionality, imports no longer need to be executed one at a time, but can be done catalog by catalog.

Catalog Maker eliminates the time-consuming task of manually updating prices and copy and images in circulars and catalogs. All updates are done in the database and then imported in batches onto the QuarkXPress layout. When a modified file is imported, prices automatically update. This eliminates the redundant task of re-keying information directly onto QuarkXPress pages. This allows for last-minute updates of product information. Since paper trails are eliminated and data is flowed directly from a database into advertising templates, last-minute changes are much easier. Since less time is needed to make copy or price changes, advertising production deadlines can be pushed back to give merchandising more time to set prices.

Catalog Maker also allows for multiple-market versioning building on the power and ease of its last-minute update features. It can perform the time-intensive task of producing multiple versions of catalogs and inserts of circulars easier. Simply export data with new prices, copy, or pictures, onto the same QuarkXPress template and generate an entirely new promotion. Batch commands are also available for advanced users who want the additional power of performing all the versioning tasks without being at the computer.

Significantly reduce errors incurred by retyping because copy doesn't have to be typed directly on the layout pages — the possibility of making a typing error is all but eliminated. Inadvertent keystrokes while scrolling or jumping from box to box are eliminated.

Catalog Maker enables the user to focus on effective promotion design and designers no longer have to spend their time entering data, but can use their time to enhance the effectiveness of the catalog or circular. This results in better design, greater productivity, and a more efficient work environment.

Manufacturer: Integrated Software, Inc.

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Catalog Maker
QuarkXPress 6.X
001 MAC 6.0 US $2,495.00
Catalog Maker [ESD]
QuarkXPress 4.1X
001 MAC 3.0 US $999.00
Catalog Maker [ESD]
QuarkXPress 4.X
005 MAC 3.0 US $3,495.00
Catalog Maker [ESD]
QuarkXPress 4.X
020 MAC 3.0 US $9,000.00

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