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The Bundler is a QuarkXPress XTensions module whose functionality is tightly focused on the problems encountered by users dealing with the increasing number of mobile... (more detail)


BureauManager XTensions module is the definitive and ultimate tool to easily and completely prepare a job for delivery to a service bureau. It quickly extracts... (more detail)


CAPTIONmatic automatically and precisely attaches captions and credits to picture boxes. Once created, there is no need to bother with them again. Be creative, CAPTIONmatic... (more detail)

Catalog Maker

Catalog Maker is a powerful QuarkXPress XTensions module that provides a bridge between a database and QuarkXPress projects. Information stored in the database such as... (more detail)

Chartbot for QuarkXPress

It's easy to create a few charts, but mass-producing them slows down any professional-publishing workflow. With Chartbot, quickly turn out mass quantities of publication-quality charts... (more detail)

ClassicDraw XT

ClassicDraw XT makes Quark's non-Mac OS X-native applications usable with the Classic environment by fixing a number of annoying redraw issues in QuarkXPress.
The first... (more detail)


clik'X is a shortcuts palette that adds unique features and that gathers in-depth information about text, images, and documents.
The palette also contains:
· [show/hide... (more detail)


Cloner easily duplicates or clones elements from one QuarkXPress page or pages to another page or pages. When an element is cloned from one page... (more detail)

Collect For Output Plus

Collect for Output Plus is an XTensions module that allows the user to collect a document and all the related components into a folder ready... (more detail)


Color markup of documents is a time-consuming task that art directors and production managers have been doing manually since the advent of color printing. ColorBreaker... (more detail)


ColorManager is a powerful, yet simple-to-use XTensions module for QuarkXPress. It allows users to identify, control, and easily manipulate any color usage within a document... (more detail)

Combs XT

Combs XT is an XTensions module that automatically creates the boxes and open-box shapes commonly used in forms and order forms. They are most often... (more detail)

ContactPage XT

ContactPage XT is the quickest way to create contact sheets of pictures with captions. Easily catalog a folder containing images, create clip art manuals in... (more detail)

Contents XTn

Generate tables of content or indices in QuarkXPress with Contents XTn.
Tables-of-content data can be marked in three different methods: Defining QuarkXPress style sheets for... (more detail)

Copy Grabber

For additional savings, check out the bundle: Grabber Bundle.
With the Copy Grabber XTensions module, cut, copy, or paste an entire column of tabular copy... (more detail)

CopyFit for QuarkXPress


CopyFlow speeds page assembly and achieves a dramatic improvement in pagination by associating text files with QuarkXPress text boxes and providing a batch function to... (more detail)

CopyFlow Gold

CopyFlow Gold adds powerful page-assembly capabilities to QuarkXPress 4, 5, and 6. It provides menu selections which enables the end user to automatically import and... (more detail)

CopyFlow Gold East Asian

CopyFlow Gold EA is the ideal QuarkXPress XTensions module for handling two-way batch import and export between QuarkXPress versions for Japanese, Korean, and Chinese. This... (more detail)

CopyTaste XT

CopyTaste XT alters the QPS query palette to enable the user to see the beginning of every story in it.
Manufacturer: Automatic Software... (more detail)

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