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ex ColumnBalance

ex ColumnBalance automates the adjustment of boxes to the text length, automatically balances the depth of text within the text boxes, and works with single... (more detail)

ex Convert

ex Convert makes it possible to convert character sets such as characters from DOS/Windows to Macintosh and vice versa, or from a US system... (more detail)

ex Counter

Counts the number of characters (with/without spaces/tabs), words and lines (definable), within a text selection, a text box, a text chain, a page... (more detail)

ex DBLink

The ex DBLink XTensions module loads files from an external database or a structured ASCII document. Placeholders are defined in the layout which represent a... (more detail)

ex Directory

ex Directory is a powerful text-import filter supporting the full XPress Tags language, plus several major enhancements for importing anchored picture and text boxes. Text... (more detail)

ex DoubleSpace

ex DoubleSpace corrects typed double spaces in QuarkXPress, by enabling a user-definable default allowing only one space at a time when typing text, or optionally... (more detail)

ex EPS Creator

In QuarkXPress, ex EPS Creator watches folders to automate EPS generation and embed the required fonts into the newly generated EPS file.
ex EPS Creator... (more detail)

ex FontPalette

Define different special characters of different fonts in sets with ex FontPalette. Sets can be accessed from the XTensions module palette while working on text... (more detail)

ex Galley

ex Galley provides a text box next to a defined text box that will count the lines within QuarkXPress. ex Galley shows the line numbers... (more detail)

ex GraphQuery

ex GraphQuery creates a current preview of all layouts on the Quark Publishing System (QPS) server to be either viewed in Quark CopyDesk or QuarkXPress... (more detail)

ex Grids&Guides

Define guides in selected colors by entering a numeric position using ex Grids&Guides. Define layout grids with the additional option to choose if grids... (more detail)

ex Inset

ex Inset enables definition of different text-inset values for the different sides of a text box, definition of gutter width, first baseline, and vertical justification... (more detail)

ex Justify

Automatically fit text exactly to the box size by adjusting (user-definable) tracking, leading, and spaces between words and characters in percentages (minimum, optimum, and maximum... (more detail)

ex LaserWriterPRO

Select a printer directly from a palette in QuarkXPress without accessing the Chooser. exLaserWriterPRO options allow each user to choose only those printers which they... (more detail)

ex Layers

ex Layers will create, name, view, hide, activate, or deactivate layers for printing within QuarkXPress. Elements, and the layers on which those elements are placed... (more detail)

ex Lines&Frames

ex Lines&Frames applies column lines to multicolumn boxes and enables the user to create custom frames with user-definable, column-line indent at the top of... (more detail)

ex LinkBoxes

ex LinkBoxes links QuarkXPress text boxes which are to be assigned as one Quark CopyDesk article. These boxes may already contain copy but can still... (more detail)

ex LockMenu

ex LockMenu is an XTensions module which prevents access to menu options (including those in XTensions modules and the submenus), and can be configured individually... (more detail)

ex Numbers

ex Numbers performs automated typesetting of phone numbers, credit card numbers, dollar amounts, and PO Box addresses in the correct manner. It allows user-definable definition... (more detail)

ex OPI_Switch

Should documents with OPI images not be printed through an OPI server but rather to a proofer, as an EPS file or through collect for... (more detail)

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