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Crop an image with more creativity and more intuitively than ever before. When working with Cropper, see the complete image in QuarkXPress. Define part of... (more detail)

Crops XT

Crops XT creates crop and registration marks as well as color and grey bars around any selected object or group on a QuarkXPress document page... (more detail)


Cropster is the professional's choice for setting up mechanical and page markings. This powerful XTensions module will set up crop marks for bleed, trim, safety... (more detail)


CursorPos provides a floating palette that continuously displays the horizontal and vertical position of the text cursor.
Manufacturer: KyTek, Inc... (more detail)

Dashes XTension

For additional savings, check out the bundle: Dashes & SpellBound bundle.
The Dashes XTensions module provides high-quality hyphenation for QuarkXPress text. Its aim and purpose is... (more detail)

Dashes XTension & SpellBound Bundle

For detailed bundled-product descriptions, refer to each individual product.
Bundle includes Dashes XTension and SpellBound.
Manufacturer: CompuSense Ltd... (more detail)

Data Link XT

For additional savings, check out the bundle: Database-Publishing Bundle.
Define variable fields in QuarkXPress and create a link between the QuarkXPress document and a standard... (more detail)

Design Templates Collection for QuarkXPress

Not available for electronic delivery.) StockLayouts' high-end graphic designs of customizable templates for users of professional layout and graphics applications provide fast and affordable solutions... (more detail)


Includes Flipster, iDropper, Pro Grids & Guides, ShapeMaker, and TableMaker.
Manufacturer: GLUON... (more detail)

DocuSlim EV

DocuSlim processes images within a QuarkXPress document globally or individually. DocuSlim crops excess image material (with specified bleed), resizes and reimports images at 100%, resamples... (more detail)


Never before has it been so easy to get graphics into QuarkXPress. Whether you need to import a single image or a hard drive full... (more detail)

Duplica XT

Duplica XT enables the user to select some or all attributes of characters, paragraphs, pictures, boxes, lines, and pages and apply them to other elements... (more detail)

Edit Check

Edit Check provides a complete audit trail of changes made to an article with insertions, deletions, deleted insertions, and notes showing on screen in user-specified... (more detail)

Enhance Preview XT (EPXT)

Imagine seeing all of the pictures in QuarkXPress just like they appear in Photoshop -- crisp, clear, and razor sharp. With Enhance Preview XT (EPXT) it's... (more detail)


Today, most automatic-pagination systems require the presence of EPS files. This has given rise to the need for a QuarkXPress XTensions module to speed up... (more detail)

Euro Font Converter XT

The introduction of the Euro currency has created all sorts of problems for graphic designers and typesetters when attempting to generate Euro currency symbols in... (more detail)

ex Ad2Plan Pro

ex Ad2Plan provides the interface between a commercial ad system (ad management and sales) and a pagination system.
Ad information of all types can be... (more detail)

ex Addy

ex Addy is a new XTensions module for mass composition and ad make-up that provides QuarkXPress users numerous new features to handle text with oft-changing... (more detail)

ex AutoImport

Automatically import text or graphics to predefined boxes within QPS. In a small palette, define a folder to import from, click into an active box... (more detail)

ex BoxImport

Import or export complete documents including geometry information and contents as ASCII files. With ex BoxImport, pictures are exported as path information, text as XPress... (more detail)

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