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ex OversetPro

ex Overset displays text overset in a separate floating palette. It also shows how many text boxes in a document have overset text and allows... (more detail)

ex PageMarks

Place and print bar codes and other pertinent information meant for the printer outside of the crop-marked page format.
Manufacturer: Extended Technologies... (more detail)

ex Protector

ex Protector locks documents using different levels of password protection. Protect the design and content integrity of work, even when the QuarkXPress document is sent... (more detail)

ex Reform

Save style sheets with the same name but in different formats in a central preference file. Using ex Reform, each set can be used for... (more detail)

ex RTF-Filter

ex RTF-Filter is a filter for importing and exporting Rich Text Format (RTF) files into and out of QuarkXPress. It reads all RTF-type files (such... (more detail)

ex VerticalSpace

ex VerticalSpace controls spacing in vertical columns by allowing the user to define a relative rank for space before or after paragraphs with different specifications... (more detail)


explainIt will annotate QuarkXPress documents with style-sheet and image-usage information. This simple tool places small contextual labels next to styled text or image boxes, making... (more detail)

Exportools XT

Exportools XT automates the process of saving document pages as individual files in several popular formats, including EPS, PostScript, plain text, page screen shots, and... (more detail)


F3X provides total conversion of the late F3 Software Corporation's ProDesigner Windows forms-design package.
Attention all ProDesigner Windows users: it's time to leave your proprietary... (more detail)


No more time-consuming searches through a hard drive trying to find that favorite QuarkXPress document, template, or library. Adding files to a Favorites' palette and... (more detail)


FitinXT, a new QuarkXPress and QuarkXPress Passport XTensions module promises to make work ultimately more efficient with features that make complicated tasks exceedingly simple, from... (more detail)


The FlexoPrint XTensions module is designed for use in flexographic printing where it is often necessary to adjust the horizontal and vertical scale of a... (more detail)


FlexScale scales a document as it is output to a printer. The vertical- and horizontal-scaling percentages are independent of each other so a document may... (more detail)

Flight Inspector

With its intuitive interface, and easy-to-read reporting system, Flight Inspector is the ideal preflight product for novice users. Flight Inspector still inspects every possible error... (more detail)


FlightAlert is a QuarkXPress XTensions module operating in the background and scanning for specific preflighting issues on Open and/or Save and/or Save As... (more detail)

FlightCheck Designer

FlightCheck Designer (formerly FlightCheck Collect) is a stand-alone application that assists designers as well as service providers in preflighting all major desktop-publishing files.
In addition... (more detail)

FlightCheck Professional

FlightCheck is the revolutionary stand-alone application that scans documents using a simple drag-and-drop approach to warn of over 150 potential problems, easily and automatically.
FlightCheck... (more detail)

FlightCheck Studio for QuarkXPress

FlightCheck Studio is a new concept in quality control -- examining and repairing documents while they are created.
FlightCheck Studio is capable of detecting virtually all... (more detail)


For anyone who has ever prepared an ad for a right-hand page, only to find that it's going to be set on a left-hand page... (more detail)

Focus Gold

Personalized printing is the wave of the future, and Focus Gold goes there now. With Focus Gold, use QuarkXPress to lay out and design documents... (more detail)

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